Sleep Apnea and Compromised Airways

Sleep Apnea and Compromised Airways can occur due to a variety of abnormal conditions such as Pierre Robin syndrome, a disorder characterized by a small lower jaw, cleft palate and poor oxygenation. The cause of a compromised airway can be determined by careful examination and xray studies. Additionally, a sleep study is often utilized to determine the severity of the airway problem.

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Causes of sleep apnea and compromised airways include:
  • Choanal stenosis
  • Enlarged tonsils and adenoids
  • Enlarged tongue and small chin
  • Underdeveloped upper jaw (maxilla)
  • Underdeveloped lower jaw (mandible)
  • Collapse of the larynx or trachea
Specialists at Children’s Hospital of San Diego include pediatric craniofacial plastic surgeons, head & neck surgeons, pulmonary doctors, radiologists, and sleep lab technicians. As members of this pediatric team, the FACES+ surgeons are able to correct compromised airways in children such as those with Pierre Robin syndrome and other conditions with small jaws or skeletal deformities, maximize a child’s breathing, improve speech and feeding functions, in addition to improving overall appearance.

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