Thermi250™ is one of the most innovative skin tightening and cellulite reducing treatments available.

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The Thermi250 device delivers moderated radiofrequency heat across the skin by utilizing a temperature sensor to safely control energy delivery and regulate tissue temperature. This makes for a comfortable experience and highly effective treatment option for patients looking to tighten skin, reduce cellulite (unwanted fat cells), and stimulate new collagen. Thermi250 achieves optimal results with a maximum reduction of loose skin and cellulite, which provides an overall slimming and tightening effect.

What is the device?

Thermi250 is an FDA approved radiofrequency device that heats the tissue to reduce cellulite temporarily.  This temperature-controlled treatment allows patients to have a precise and comfortable treatment with no downtime.

Who is a good candidate?

Healthy individuals who simply want to smooth the appearance of stubborn cellulite, improve tissue laxity, and body contouring. It is not intended for individuals who are aiming to lose a large amount of weight.

Why is this different then what is on the market for cellulite?

Thermi250 is the least invasive procedure available on the market today, so you can return to your regular activities immediately. The procedure itself feels similar to a hot rock massage, and clients have been known to read, use the internet, or even fall asleep in the interim.

How does the treatment work?

Depending on the degree of the cellulite, 4-8 treatments may be required, within 1-3 weeks of each other.  The client should maintain a consistent weight during this time and drink lots of fluids, as well as maintaining current activity levels.  Most individuals will notice improvement after the second or third treatment.  

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Dr. Cohen restored my confidence and health from an earlier horrendous plastic surgery experience performed by another doctor. Dr. Cohen gave me back my confidence, trust, and satisfaction with a new standard of plastic surgery care.

This post is also available in: Spanish


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