Liposuction is the reshaping or recontouring of specific areas of the body by using liposuction to remove localized deposits of fat. Liposuction was developed to remove stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to exercise and diet. Areas commonly treated with liposuction include the abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs and buttocks. Fat deposits on the arms, knees, calves, upper torso, neck and under the chin can be removed as well.

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Men and women of all ages may benefit from liposuction. Patients with healthy and elastic skin are the ideal candidates for this procedure. Liposuction may also be combined with excision of skin that is loose and lax, such as the tummy tuck procedure.

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Dr. Steven Cohen now offers VASER® LipoSelection, an advanced, patented fat removal technology. VASER® LipoSelection combines innovative ultrasound technology and advanced surgical techniques so that liposuction results are smooth and consistent. Plus, the pain, bruising, and recovery time are minimal compared to other lipoplasty procedures.

Recovery Time

After surgery you will need to wear a snug fitting garment for up to six weeks. Although it will not eliminate the need to exercise and eat sensibly, liposuction can improve your appearance and increase your self-confidence.

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