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Face Lift

A Face Lift can reverse some of the natural changes in facial appearance that occur with time. The natural aging process, genetic influence, sun exposure and other factors cause the skin of the face to wrinkle and sag. As a person ages, frequently facial bones begin to recede and the facial tissues then lose their support. This, combined with loss of elasticity, causes the skin to begin to sag and fit more loosely. Skin folds become more prominent around the chin, neck and jaw line.

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Benefits of Face Lift

You may request a face lift whenever these changes become a concern and your plastic surgeon recognizes opportunity for improvement. A face lift can restore your sagging skin to its earlier position, tighten the face and neck and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A face lift can bring back a more youthful appearance and boost self-esteem. The results of surgery can be dramatic for the older patient and more subtle but satisfying for the younger patient.

Additional Procedures

You may also notice laxity of upper eyelid skin and formation of bags beneath the eyes. Eyelid surgery can be combined with a face lift if your eyelids are of concern to you. A forehead and brow lift can also be combined with a face lift if desired.

Recovery Time from Face Lift Surgery

Recovery from a face lift procedure varies from person to person depending on age, heredity, health and skin characteristics. Most likely, you will be up and around after one or two days. However, you will need to take it easy for the first week and get plenty of rest in order to provide your body with energy to heal.

Face Lift Before & After Pictures

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