The Beauty of Fat and Fraxel

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September 29, 2016
How To Get Rid of a Double Chin
November 21, 2016

What if fat could be your skin’s new best friend?

√ Reverse sun damage

√ Reduce fine lines

√ Tighten Skin

Enhance your results by adding your own stem cells with our newest revolutionary treatment in anti-aging.

JOIN US OCTOBER 26th: 9:30am- 12noon diagram


Get the skinny on your fat with Dr. Cohen and learn about what this treatment can do for you.

Organically target your collagen by using your own stem cells. Micro-invasive process of removing fat from unwanted areas to create a topical solution that is applied to the skin after your Fraxel treatment.


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  1. Estee garland says:

    I would like to attend this seminar to see how thus fat could be transplanted to the face in area where my cheeks lose its fat. And how long would it last? Is this forever or will only last for a few months?

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