4 Treatments For A Great Summer Body

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May 23, 2018
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These 4 invasive to non-invasive treatments are designed with your best summer body in mind.

High-Definition Liposuction

Dr. Cohen performing liposuction on a patient.

Why: Liposuction is the gold standard for getting rid of stubborn fat because of the dramatic results.

How: Under local or general anesthesia, the patient’s fat is strategically suctioned out of problem areas. In most cases, some of this fat is distributed back into the body where it’s considered the most flattering. During this process, our patients elect to be awake or asleep but always fully numbed in the areas being treated. Afterward, swelling and bruising occur and last for a few weeks after treatment. You’ll receive a compression garment to wear post-op ensuring maximum results with both shaping and healing.

Price: High-definition liposuction at our office ranges anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the areas of treatment.


Our PA Ashley performing a ThermiSmooth treatment on our patient.

Before and After Thermi 250

Why: ThermiSmooth is great for it’s approach to melting fat and reducing skin bumps and lumps in a comfortable way. Think warm stone massage!

How: Using temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy, ThermiSmooth applicators glide across the skin. This technology melts fat with the targeted warmth it omits. Our patients lay comfortably while the PA or nurse glides the applicator.

Price: Our office prices these treatments at $800 dollars a session. The recommended amount of sessions is 4 bringing it to $3,200 for the best results.



The Coolsculpting applicator on a patient.

Why: Coolsculpting is a nice option for patients who are fit and want to hone in on certain areas to target actual fat-loss.

Before and After Coolsculpting

How: This procedure freezes fat after a cool 40-minute session of having a suction applicator on your body. Your body naturally passes these dead fat cells and over time you’ll see a reduction of bulge in the targeted areas. The Coolsculpting administrator makes sure that you’re in a comfortable position and applies the applicator. You’ll sit with the suction applicator on for around 40 minutes. After the session is complete the administrator massages the treated area.

Price: Sessions run around $750. If you book the treatments in a bundle of 4 you’ll receive a discounted price on the sessions. You’ll save $100 or $200 booking multiple treatments.

Feel good all summer long and choose the right body shaping treatment for you.

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