fat grafting

1st November 2017

Why Our Natural Patient Opted For Surgery at Faces+.

FACES+ is putting the spotlight on our clientele who quickly become like family. I give the patient a questionnaire and they respond with their most honest answers of […]
22nd August 2017

Cohen Injectable Tissue Regeneration™ Treatments Provide 4 Unique Benefits.

Expensive night creams, serums, and injectable fillers all claim to work toward the same thing: younger looking skin. FACESplus plastic surgeon Steven Cohen discovered the missing age-defying […]
21st July 2017

New Regenerative Medicine at FACES+

Who needs regenerative medicine? Any woman or man in their 30’s to 70’s who is currently using more than one filler in their face for volume. […]
7th March 2017


As many of our patients already know, Dr. Cohen has been one of the leading innovators in the resurgence of fat grafting and regenerative medicine in […]