Care At Every Age

At any age, treatment is directed at prevention, minimally-invasive/non-surgical approaches, surgery and maintenance.


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proactive skin care and minimally invasive approaches prevent and/or delay aging changes in the skin. FACES+ is committed to educating you and your family about the most effective tools available. Prevention is a lifelong commitment. 

Non-Surgical/Minimally Invasive

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The FACES+ approach puts the patient number 1! No one wants surgery if effective means are available. The surgeons and dermatologists at FACES+ have been leaders and innovators in lasers, fillers, regenerative medicine and less invasive surgeries.  


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As surgical artists with extensive training and experience in cosmetic surgery at top institutions in the US. Dr. Cohen’s started the FACES+ mentoring program to answer the demand for his expertise from surgeons from the US and overseas. 


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Ongoing consultation and  aesthetic maintenance is completely customized to your needs  and background.