Dr. Cohen Paints A Different Picture Of Aging.

When we think of physically aging, all of the unsettling thoughts come to mind. Will we get weaker? Is our appearance going to take a turn for the worst? It’s an interesting contrast to when we think of getting older and then wiser. So why shouldn’t we be getting older […]

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The Reality of Aesthetic Revisions

Revision Decision So you got a procedure and you’re not loving the outcome. This can be a stressful situation to be in but don’t fret! Many aesthetic procedures are reversible or can be revised. It takes a skillful practitioner to manage more complicated revisions. We’ll go down the list of […]

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The Aesthetic Treatment Gift Guide.

Winter induces a feeling of good cheer, joy, and togetherness for the upcoming holidays. Gift yourself confidence this year with these top 5 recommended treatments. 1. For The Supermom Mommy-Makeover: Moms give all year round and more than deserve a major self-care moment after the year they’ve had. Gift a […]

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3 Easy Ways to Self-Exam for Breast Cancer

breast cancer

October is National Breast Cancer awareness month. This month we reflect on the brave women who’ve fought the battle and educate ourselves on the importance of early detection and regular breast cancer screenings. It’s important to understand that breast cancer is as prevalent today as it’s ever been. Breast cancer […]

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How to Mentally Prepare for Plastic Surgery

Undergoing surgery for any reason could potentially cause a negative brain shift due to the overwhelming nature of it all. Plastic surgery is no exception. The good news is there are several ways to help combat those bad feelings both before and after your surgery. What to Do Before Your […]

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Top Body Contouring Procedures For The Ultimate Hot Girl Summer

High-Definition Liposuction Looking sculpted in a bikini just got easier with high-def lipo. Liposuction is simply the act of removing fat from an unwanted area. High-definition liposuction is a whole different ballgame.  High-def lipo or VASER lipo involves contouring specific areas with a variety of tools to highlight where the natural muscles […]

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Bridal “Tweakments” To Consider Before The Big Day.

The day that comes to mind when you want to look your absolute best? Your wedding day! Optimize your bridal look before your day. Here’s a breakdown of treatments our brides are loving at Faces+. Lip Fillers Whether you like them subtly enhanced or full-out pouty, lip fillers enhance your […]

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The Dr. Cohen Difference: A Facelift With A California Twist.

nonsurgical facelift san diego

A facelift is a gold standard in age reversal for a good reason. No procedure restores the face to its youthful form quite like a facelift. However, not all facelifts are created equal and it takes a skilled plastic surgeon to help you make the best choice and to ensure […]

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Self-Care, Down There: Explore The World of Vaginal Rejuvenation.

Vaginal rejuvenation is becoming mainstream as moms, celebs and social media stars get candid about their “designer vagina”. Women can experience a myriad of issues in their genital region whether it be from aging, genetics or childbirth. Both non-invasive and surgical solutions can help restore confidence and comfort in that […]

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