Dr. Cohen Paints A Different Picture Of Aging.


When we think of physically aging, all of the unsettling thoughts come to mind. Will we get weaker? Is our appearance going to take a turn for the worst? It’s an interesting contrast to when we think of getting older and then wiser. So why shouldn’t we be getting older and yet still hold onto our physical vitality and is this even possible? Dr. Cohen is proving that it is. Longevity treatments are indeed the future and it’s available to you right now at Faces+.

It’s All About Prevention

Faces+ is offering a wide range of wellness and longevity services that span from biologic age testing to custom-made supplements and regenerative methods in surgery. The concept of these treatments is to identify what genetically leads to weakness in your unique aging process. This is what our biologic age testing reveals about you. If you see the future of your aging trajectory, then you can tailor your lifestyle now to delay and possibly even prevent those changes from happening.

Regenerative Concepts in Surgery

Dr. Cohen’s patient before and after

Dr. Cohen sees tremendous patient results by integrating these regenerative services in with surgical intervention. One of our most common treatment combinations is a facelift with ITR2 facial fat grafting which holds stem and regenerative cells that are injected into specific anatomic areas of facial volume loss. This stimulates a new blood supply which leads to healthier skin with volumetric effects. Patient outcomes have never been more beautiful with these synergistic approaches and it also provides longevity to surgical results when you add in lymphatic massage and hyperbaric chamber dives to accelerate the healing process.

Exosomes Explained

One of the biggest breakthroughs in regenerative medicine is utilizing the properties of exosomes. Exosomes are messenger cells that stimulate collagen growth, anti-inflammatory responses, and other healing factors by carrying proteins to other cells in need of a boost. Dr. Cohen and a team of longevity scientists have crafted their own brand of Exosome skincare called Morphiya. Dubbed “The Minimalist Product” by our esthetician Kelly at Faces+, this is the only skincare product you’ll need.

Exosomes and Non-Surgical Therapies

There are even more creative ways we’ve added regenerative concepts to our non-surgical rejuvenation treatments. From Fraxel to Micro-needling and newer hybrid devices like Ellacor the use of an exosome serum during treatment greatly improves the quality of patient outcomes. 

An Exciting Time For Faces+

We have all of these innovative treatments and more at Faces+ and can’t wait for our patients to experience the benefits of them. Find out more by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Cohen and get your longevity journey started.

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