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A neck lift is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat in the neck to increase definition and tighten tissue, for a more youthful aesthetic and contour. Sometimes known as a platysmaplasty or a lower rhytidectomy, neck lifts are a popular choice for patients looking to improve neck characteristics that become more apparent as we age such as:

  • Skin laxity
  • Wrinkles
  • Creasing
  • Sagging
  • “Turkey neck”
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Contemporary face and neck lift procedures are at the cutting edge of plastic surgery techniques, and can produce permanent, pleasing results in patients looking to rejuvenate their profile! Providing first-class treatment for his patients in Southern California, Dr. Steven R. Cohen is leading the way in cosmetic plastic surgery neck procedures. Dr. Cohen has been recognized by several organizations for surgical excellence, including selection by US News and World Report as a top plastic surgeon, Castle Connelly, and Best Doctors Inc. If you would like more information about neck lift procedures at Faces+ Plastic Surgery, San Diego, or any one of the wealth of face and body procedures offered by Dr. Cohen, please call (858) 453-7224 or fill out a website inquiry form.


The neck is made up of an incredibly complex combination of anatomical features that combine to provide protection for inner structures and support the weight of the head. Deeper organs such as the windpipe and trachea are surrounded by vital structures such as the hyoid bone, thyroid gland, fatty tissue, skeletal muscle, and finally, skin. This anatomical complexity means neck lift surgery requires incredible skill and dexterity on the part of the surgeon performing the procedure. Dr. Cohen has written over 150 scholarly articles about plastic surgery techniques and is widely considered to be one of the best practical plastic surgeons in San Diego, so you are in incredibly good hands!

What Are Platysmal Bands?

The platysma is a muscle that plays an important role in the neck. It functions to draw the skin around the lower part of your mouth downwards or outwards. Platysmal Bands are the vertical lines visible at the medial borders of the platysma muscle.(1.) Most people are easily able to see where their platysmal bands are located if they tense their jaw and retract their mouth, observing the two band-like structures that stick out when they do so. Platysmal bands are two prominent features in lower jaw movement, however, they may become more conspicuous over time as surrounding tissues mature and lose elasticity. Patients frequently express dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appearance of platysmal bands as a result of aging.

The exact neck lift procedure you will undergo will depend on your unique physical features. Check Dr. Cohen’s blog for the newest innovations in plastic surgery and find out how you could benefit from them!

Benefits of a Neck Lift Procedure

Our necks are an often exposed area of our bodies that many people notice. They can define a person’s profile, and are frequently scrutinized as we mature. We may notice a decrease in skin elasticity and a loss of youthfulness in our necks, which can seriously affect our overall aesthetic characteristics and our self-image.

San Diego residents will be relieved to find out that their cosmetic plastic surgery needs are well catered to by Dr. Cohen. He has performed thousands of appearance-altering procedures on men and women that have met and exceeded their cosmetic goals.  A neck lift procedure can benefit patients in the following ways:

  • Pulls skin tighter, resulting in a smoother appearance
  • Tightens underlying muscles
  • Reduces excess skin that may be sagging
  • More youthful appearance
  • Short recovery period after surgery
  • Improved body-image and self-esteem

Gland Removal & Further Surgical Modifications

Your neck lift may involve the simple removal of excess skin and correction of neck bands, which are the prominent edges of the platysmal muscle. But for some patients, a neck lift may involve deeper neck surgery to achieve ideal contours. Dr. Cohen will assess your submandibular glands, which sit just below the jaw on either side of the neck. If you have overly large, or prolapsed glands, Dr. Cohen can surgically reduce them to allow for a cleaner, more defined line of the jaw. Similarly, he may alter the anterior digastric muscles and remove the dense fat below the platysma muscle where he deems it necessary. 

Very few surgeons are comfortable with these deep neck surgeries, but Dr Cohen has in-depth experience with these structures and can and will address them if needed.

Let Dr. Cohen provide expert medical care for you, and see what a difference one procedure can make in your cosmetic surgery goals!

Candidates for Neck Lift Surgery

neck lift san diego

Studies conducted worldwide have concluded that patient quality of life improves after cosmetic plastic surgery.(2) Individuals who are considering neck lift surgery should consider this information when they are choosing the right procedure for their individual cosmetic needs. Candidates seeking neck lift surgery should be in good general health and be comfortable with plastic surgery as a means to meet their cosmetic goals. Normal skin quality and elasticity are expected prerequisites to most neck lift surgeries.(3) You are a great candidate if you are looking for long-term rejuvenation solutions to the signs of aging. You should be prepared to commit fully to all of the necessary precautions and medical advice given by Dr. Cohen before your surgery, and crucially during your recovery process. Combining the expertise of a renowned plastic surgeon and your own commitment to regaining your youthful appearance, you can achieve fantastic results with a neck lift surgery!

Personal Consultation

During your personal consultation with Dr. Cohen, he will carefully evaluate the physical properties and appearance of the skin of your neck, as well as manipulate the skin to feel deeper fat, gland and muscle structures. Patients may require many or all of these structures to be modified during their neck lift procedure. Dr. Cohen will ensure he thoroughly assesses which type of procedure would produce the best results for you. In addition, for some patients he may recommend additional procedures that compliment a neck lift surgery so that you get the very best aesthetic results after your neck lift surgery. To book a one-on-one appointment with one of San Diego’s leading plastic surgeons, call our office at (858) 453-7224 to secure your spot, or send us a complete inquiry form listing your desired treatments and procedures.

Neck Lift Surgery: Before the Procedure

Planning any surgical procedure can be scary. Dr. Cohen and his friendly, knowledgeable staff are there to answer your questions and put your mind at ease every step of the way. We will provide you with detailed information on how to prepare for your surgery before your procedure date. Patients who undergo neck lift surgery should do the following:

  • Stop taking medications and supplements that could affect the success of your surgery (ibuprofen, aspirin, certain supplements, etc.)
  • Cease your use of cigarettes and nicotine products up to two weeks prior to your neck lift procedure.
  • Try to limit your skin’s exposure to the sun as much as possible by covering up, or spending more time indoors.
  • Organize for someone to take you to and from our offices on your surgery date, as you will not be able to drive home after your procedure.

As with any surgery, you should ensure you are well prepared physically and mentally beforehand, and able to maintain good aftercare in your recovery period. We will guide you through the aftercare process and a follow-up appointment can be scheduled to ensure you are healing well.

Recovery & Results of a Neck Lift Procedure

In the hours and days after your neck lift surgery, you may experience the following:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Skin tightness
  • Skin numbness

It is important you don’t overexert yourself in the immediate period after your neck lift surgery to ensure a safe, effective recovery. You will experience some temporary swelling and soreness after your procedure, but Dr. Cohen will be happy to prescribe medication to make you more comfortable. Dr. Cohen encourages patients who have recently undergone neck lift surgery to refrain from more vigorous activities and exercises allowing optimal recovery conditions for your body to heal.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

If you are considering accentuating your new, rejuvenated look, why not consider a complimentary procedure with your neck lift? At Faces+ Plastic Surgery, Dr. Cohen performs a selection of corresponding facial procedures to further enhance your natural-looking neck revitalization:

Chin Enhancement

Dr. Cohen’s extensive background in craniofacial surgery makes chin augmentation an excellent choice as an addition to your neck lift surgery. Choose a surgical or non-surgical chin enhancement for a new, revitalized facial silhouette.

Skin Rejuvenation

To gain a fresh, youthful glow in your face to accompany your neck lift, consider one of a number of treatments. At Faces+, we offer the following aesthetic treatments:

For a full list of procedures and treatments for the face and body, please check our Services page.


You will discuss all the details of your neck lift procedure at your personal consultation before your surgery date. When you discuss the goals of your treatment with Dr. Cohen, he will outline the cost of your neck lift procedure according to your individual circumstances. For more details about plastic surgery prices at Faces+, you can inquire via our convenient inquiry form


Can I get a neck lift as an outpatient procedure?

Yes! The vast majority of neck lifts are performed as outpatient procedures, meaning you can return home the same day.

What’s the difference between a facelift and a neck lift?

A facelift involves incisions in different areas and focuses on addressing the aesthetics of the face itself, including the cheek, brow, and chin area. In a neck lift procedure, the focus is on the platysma muscles and surrounding skin and fat structures located below the chin.

How long is a neck lift procedure?

Usually, neck lift procedures are between 2-3 hours in duration. This gives the surgeon adequate time to skillfully address the tissues in question.


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