Acne Treatment

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acne treatment san diego

State-of-the-art, holistic and medical solutions to virtually all forms of teenage and adult acne are available at FACES+. Our medical aestheticians working with our doctors, offer BLU-U Light Photodynamic Therapy using the Illuminator Model 4170. BLU-U is a very special blue light that can kill the acne bacteria in your skin.


Treatments are simple, last about 15 minutes and are repeated once or twice a week for up to 10 sessions. After a number of weeks, you will notice improvement in your acne, which can last for long periods. The BLU-U treatment- using light without drugs or antibiotics- may be something for you to try.

Levulan (aminolevulinic acid HCL)

Levulan is a new topical treatment that is F.D.A. approved for treatment of actinic keratoses (age spots). These scaly and rough patches on the skin can sometimes progress to skin cancers. This unique solution is an acid that occurs naturally in your body and makes actinic keratoses more sensitive to light. Fourteen to 18 hours after application of levulan, you return for BLU-U light stimulation, which destroys the actinic keratoses. Acne may be successfully treated with a combination of Levulan and photostimulation using a BLU-U light and certain types of lasers. This is not F.D.A. approved, but appears to be a very safe and effective means of controlling moderately severe acne. We are pleased to be able to provide our patients with the most up to date technologies to treat acne outbreaks.