The Dr. Cohen Difference: A Facelift With A California Twist.

A facelift is a gold standard in age reversal for a good reason. No procedure restores the face to its youthful form quite like a facelift. However, not all facelifts are created equal and it takes a skilled plastic surgeon to help you make the best choice and to ensure the outcome will be natural and undetectable.

Dr. Cohen uses a series of less-invasive tools and techniques to ensure the quickest recovery and most beautiful outcomes. Enter: The California Facelift.

What Is A California Facelift?

Dr. Cohen has virtually perfected a quintessential California look for his patients. After every bespoke and individualized procedure, the patient’s own beauty shines through. Therefore, you won’t look different, but appear younger. Some of these changes get better for up to 2 years and possibly even longer. In addition, you won’t see any harsh contours, windswept, or pulled skin. In fact, you will be hard-pressed for people to notice you had a facelift at all. Though the before and after photographs can be quite dramatic.

What it is:

  • Natural
  • Confident
  • Youthful
  • At Ease

It’s a physical embodiment of the California lifestyle.  Dr. Cohen distills facial aging down to a very understandable process during the consultation process.

He educates you about the primary causes behind facial aging:

  1. Sun damage
  2. Volume loss of specific tissues such as deep and superficial fat, skin and bone
  3. Laxity
  4. Changes from facial movement

These four findings are affected by the internal and external environment such as the sun, our diet, and exercise. Treatment is directed toward establishing a healthy lifestyle and picking the treatment(s) which address the severity of each of the four above-listed features.

How It’s Achievable

ITR2: Injectable Tissue Replacement

In conjunction with the actual facelift procedure, Dr. Cohen uses regenerative medicine to heal the skin from the inside out. Facial fat grafting with Injectable Tissue Replacement and Regeneration uses the patient’s own fat to anatomically replace the lost fat in different compartments of the face and to stimulate and regenerate collagen and elastin in your skin. This procedure compliments a facelift because it addresses both the laxity and volume losses of aging. The same logic applies to lasers and the use of nanofat for skin and dermal white adipose tissue (DWAT) restoration and healing. Treating these 4 major findings in facial aging, sun damage, volume loss, laxity, and facial movement in our 20-year experience are what leads to the best outcomes and the most seamless results.

Technique Matters

Another differentiator is the deep-plane approach to facial lifting that Dr. Cohen uses. Relying on only the skin manipulation to create a youthful look results in that “windswept” tunnel look that most patients want to avoid. Dr. Cohen carefully moves the underlying facial tissues (deep-plane, SMAS-platysma flap) in a vertical and slightly inward movement which reconstructs the stretched ligaments over the face. This ultimately holds the most power in reconstructing a youthful face that looks natural.

The Neck

A lot of attention is directed to the neck. Techniques include evaluation of all layers including skin, fat, muscle, fat below the muscles, and submandibular glands (SMGs). Some patients require all of these structures to be modified and your doctor needs to understand and routinely treat these anatomic situations. 

Bespoke complimentary procedures

Dr. Cohen knows that every patient’s facial anatomy and stage in the aging process are different. Because of this, it may take more than just a face or neck lift to fully achieve an ideal outcome.

Adding the finishing touches of a browlift, eyelid enhancement (Blepharoplasty), upper lip lift, and in some cases, a genioplasty creates an amazing impact. It is critical to fully inform the patient of all of their options including some that might not be offered in our practice. Dr. Cohen is equipped to handle any procedure that involves delicate superficial tissues to more complex bone surgery of the jaws and craniofacial skeleton because of his many years as both a plastic and craniofacial surgeon.

The Aftercare

Dr. Cohen and the FACES+ teams’ patient follow-up, is second to none. Healing post-procedure is faster than you’d think especially with Dr. Cohen’s careful guidance. However, healing is variable and a small group of patients, despite all efforts, are slower to progress.  

Before your surgery, you’ll receive a full skincare kit of medical-grade skincare products from Alastin that are designed to accelerate the healing of your skin. At Faces+ we have all the tools to optimize your results and make them as long-lasting as possible. Once you are healed from your facial surgery, our aestheticians and laser specialists are available to educate you on how to best maintain your results. Our virtual aesthetician consults have received rave reviews and have blazed a new path in luxury and personalized care in the comfort of your home. Only the best medical-grade skincare products are selected for your specific needs. 

What Our Patients Are Saying

In today’s challenging world, having professionals and a place that you can rely on to deliver state-of-the-art care in Plastic Surgery, Skin and Laser is a necessity. Dr. Cohen and our staff at Faces+ go above and beyond to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our patient’s needs. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our social media pages for video testimonials, before and afters, and more patient photos.

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