Bridal “Tweakments” To Consider Before The Big Day.

The day that comes to mind when you want to look your absolute best? Your wedding day! Optimize your bridal look before your day. Here’s a breakdown of treatments our brides are loving at Faces+.

Lip Fillers

Whether you like them subtly enhanced or full-out pouty, lip fillers enhance your look. Our recommendation is to try one syringe of fillers for the first time. The difference might shock you but trust me, you get used to it and may consider more. Swelling and bruising are common post-injection so make sure you don’t plan any events right after and give yourself ample time to heal and the filler to settle.

  • When to schedule: 5 months before
  • Cost: The longer-lasting ones like Juvaderm Volbella start around $600 per syringe

Baby Botox

Micro-botox injections are great for when you’re just getting botox for preventative reasons. A couple of units in specific problem areas will keep your skin looking smooth but not overly frozen so you remain natural. Opt for the full injections if you have more prominent lines but finding a good injector is key to liking the way you look. Try it out way ahead of any events and do a refresher treatment when it gets closer to the event times.

  • When to schedule: Botox lasts 3-4 months so do you injections a month ahead of time to leave time for the injections to kick-in and any corrections to take place
  • Cost: At Faces+ Botox is $15 a unit with Dr. Cohen and $12 a unit with one of our nurse injectors


The key to any bridal glow is having great skin. Getting on a monthly facial schedule months before your wedding date gives your skin plenty of time to look glowy, brighter, and clear. I’ve been getting monthly oxygen facials and exfoliation treatments and it’s helped give our patients a smooth canvas for makeup which makes it look all the more flawless in photos.

  • When to schedule: For exfoliating facials, plan ahead a few weeks before an event for hydrating facials plan them as close to the event as you can to get that glow.
  • Cost: Schedule a consultation with our aesthetician Kelly here: FacesSkingym Bridal Packages

Buccal Fat Removal or Chin Liposuction

Side profiles are tricky to love, especially if you have a genetic double-chin effect when photos are being taken. We have solutions for that! Buccal fat removal gets rid of fullness in the lower jaw area caused by excess facial fat. This simple procedure takes no more than an hour to complete. You can opt to do it awake with minimal discomfort. The best part? Scars are located on the inside of the mouth so they are not visible to the eye.

For more immediate results, chin liposuction is a quick procedure that can be done under local anesthesia. After a month of downtime, you see a defined jawline you never knew you had.

  • When to schedule: For both buccal fat removal and chin liposuction plan 6-7 months ahead of time
  • Cost: We can provide you a quote here

Non-Surgical Nose Job

To get a refined nose without the downtime of surgery, a non-surgical nose job could be just the treatment for you. This quick “lunchtime” procedure involves shaping the nose with a series of filler injections. Dr. Cohen’s expertise in facial anatomy makes his approach highly bespoke. He carefully places the filler in areas that create a lifted tip and smooth the appearance of the bridge. It’s an instant result with just a few days of swelling and it will last for up to a year.

  • When to schedule: Plan at least a month in advance
  • Cost: We can give you a price quote here.

Laser Genesis

This warm plumping laser, with 0 downtime helps stimulate collagen production over time to keep your pores tight, skin plump and facial tone and texture even. It’s one of my favorites to do once a month just to keep the collagen flow going and it really gives your skin a plumping effect. It’s one of our only lasers that work on all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale (which is great for me because I’m olive-toned).

  • When to schedule: For best results plan for your first treatment 4 months in advance and do one monthly up until the wedding.
  • Cost:  For a single treatment $375, for a package of 4: $1400

It’s important to note that everyone’s bridal beauty routine is different. It’s all about choosing the things that mean the most to you. There is no better time than before your wedding to make an investment in the areas you’ve always wanted to be treated.

To inquire about any of the treatments listed call 858-453-7224

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