The Aesthetic Treatment Gift Guide.

Winter induces a feeling of good cheer, joy, and togetherness for the upcoming holidays. Gift yourself confidence this year with these top 5 recommended treatments.

1. For The Supermom


Moms give all year round and more than deserve a major self-care moment after the year they’ve had. Gift a mom in your life with a fabulous mommy makeover! At Faces+, mommy makeovers are ultra-customized to problem areas experienced after pregnancy. It’s a procedure that leaves patients feeling confident about their body and ready for the New Year ahead.

2. For The Overachiever

Injectable Tissue Rejuvenation: 

If you’re a career-driven individual on Zoom calls all day and in your downtime is innovating with side projects – this treatment will do wonders for you. The injections are done under local anesthetic so you’re completely awake during this non-invasive cell-stimulating procedure. You can be in and out of the office within hours and the best part is the results last so you won’t have to keep coming in for touch-ups. It’s the best option to look gorgeous while you’re on-the-go. Bonus: You’ll even receive lipo from an unwanted area.

3. For The Student

Designer Facial:

TLC is needed for the hard-working Zoom student (especially this year). Gift an at-home facial kit! Your skin will glow brighter than the holiday lights in your mom’s house. We recommend the curated Gllo-Beauty kit by our in-house Physician’s assistant Ashley and esthetician, Kelly

4. For The Glam-ma (or Glam-pa)


If you’re the type of grandparent that maintains a sense of style through the years, a lifted look is just the thing to keep your spirits young this holiday season. Keep everyone guessing with the most natural-looking facelift done by Faces+ Dr.Cohen. Your face will look merry and bright instead of Scrooge-like.

5. For the Bride to Be

Fraxel and Qwo

It’s engagement season which means pictures are in your future. Fraxel laser is the best treatment to resurface your skin. It’s pigment grabbing properties will make a clear canvas for all those holiday photos. Add the bonus of the Qwo injections and your backside will be smooth and ready to be shown off on the honeymoon.

No matter who you are, Faces+ has a solution to help you sparkle during the season. Follow us on social media for more photos, videos and interviews about our most popular procedures.

5. For the one who wants to choose

Gift a Faces+ digital gift card to all our Faces+ products and services! Choose the value on and send it off to the recipient via email.

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