The New Natural Era: Plastic Surgery Procedures That Will Take Over 2022.

The New Year symbolizes a fresh start and an opportunity to work on a better version of you. Here are mixes of new (and tried and true) treatments that are bound to take 2022 by storm.

For Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation:

Face and Deep Neck Contouring – Facelifts are only getting more popular as people realize they are the most effective way to turn back the clock on facial aging. Dr. Cohen uses a specific approach to each patient where he targets both inner muscle and skin for the ultimate natural looking lift.

Necks are another trending area to rejuvenate this year. A contoured neck is a coveted feature and Dr. Cohen knows how to address even the most complicated of necks with his extensive knowledge of the inner structures. New year, new neck!

For a Natural Breast Augmentation:

Fat Grafting to The Breasts – More woman are taking their implants out and opting for natural options. Using your own fat to add volume to the breast creates a seamless and subtle change. We think that in 2022, the trend of a more natural breast aesthetic will continue.

For Wrinkle-Reduction:

Ellacor – This revolutionary non-surgical treatment uses a new FDA approved micro-coring technology to remove microscopic pieces of tissue. Kicking your facial tissues into healing mode, this treatment reduces wrinkles, laxity and textural issues that comes with age.

For Injectable Innovations:

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – Try on rhinoplasty with this treatment done exclusively by Dr. Cohen at Faces+. Dr. Cohen sculpts the nose in 15 minutes or less in this non-surgical nose shaping procedure.

Using a blend of injectable techniques, nose irregularities are filled out creating a straight, more refined shape. It’s truly a miracle worker treatment that lasts for up to a year in some patients.

Natural Fillers

Facial Fat Grafting – The natural wave has also brought into question the best type of fillers for an aging face. While HA fillers look pretty once injected, they do little to actually stimulate collagen and promote better skin health over time. Injectable Tissue Replacement and Rejuevenation uses your own fat to fill specific anatomic areas of facial aging. The result is a natural difference that creates new volume. This innovative injectable of your own tissue resets the clock on your aging.

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