How to Mentally Prepare for Plastic Surgery

Undergoing surgery for any reason could potentially cause a negative brain shift due to the overwhelming nature of it all. Plastic surgery is no exception. The good news is there are several ways to help combat those bad feelings both before and after your surgery.

What to Do Before Your Surgery

Here are some ways to set yourself up for success so that you go into your surgery with a positive mindset.

  1. Start Healthy Habits – While this might seem like it’s veering more into physical preparation, feeling well physically goes hand in hand with feeling better mentally. Get your body moving with a workout routine a few times a week and fill up on healthier foods that will fuel your body.
  2. Phone A Friend – You will need someone looking out for you right after your surgery to pick you up and help with the basics for a few days. Make sure you’ve communicated your needs to the designated person (or people) so that there is no stress or confusion leading up to your surgery date.
  3. Clear Your Calendar – Take care of anything pending before your surgery and plan to let the rest go until you’re ready to get back to it. Your recovery time is sacred and should be treated as such.
  4. Ask Questions – Address anything you may be apprehensive about with your doctor prior to your surgery. They are there to help support you through this process so don’t be afraid to bring something up that’s been on your mind.
  5. Prepare Your Space – A cozy space where you can recover will help put your mind at ease. Bring joy into the space beforehand by filling it with some of your favorite things. We suggest a fuzzy blanket, candles, and cueing up some entertainment on your TV.
  6. Get Excited – This is something you’ve been wanting for a while and now you’ve decided to do something for yourself. This is huge! Make a plastic surgery pump-up playlist to blast the day before your surgery. Dance around, shake out the nerves, and anticipate your future results.

What to Do After Surgery

So you just had your surgery and you’re feeling a lot of things. This is expected but here are some things you can do to stay mentally well during this delicate time.

  1. Have Patience – One day of recovery can seem like a lifetime. It’s important to remember that this feeling is only temporary and to have patience with the process.
  2. Relax – Read, write, meditate. Do things that will calm down your mind and help you live in the present moment.
  3. Follow the Doctors Instructions – (Also applies to before surgery)This should go without saying but sticking to the guidelines of what your plastic surgeon advises is a must. The peace of mind you’ll get knowing you’re doing everything in your power to heal properly is priceless.
  4. Don’t Overdo It – When you get clearance to get back to your normal activities again, take it slow. This will allow time for both mind and body to adjust instead of hitting 0 to 100.
  5. Realistic Expectations – If you’re having more extensive surgery it could take months or even a year for everything to settle into place. Know what you see a week out from surgery isn’t even touching the tip of the iceberg of your surgical result. Swelling and bruising and very common and should be expected.

Even if you follow all these tips, it is completely normal to get the post-surgery blues. Don’t be hard on yourself just know it’s a part of the process. Keep doing things that will make you feel good every day no matter how small. Lastly, if you feel the need to reach out to your primary doctor, that is a good step to get you back to feeling normal again.

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