Premium Care

FACES + Concierge is a premium patient service designed to: Give patients a personalized boutique service where the experience is as important as the beauty treatment outcome. Give patients more exclusive access to Dr. Cohen and a personal FACES + Concierge providing a new standard of personal attention. Give patients a new beauty process, providing a set of memorable and predictable expectations – across all of the patient touch points.


We made the FACES + Concierge experience available and affordable to almost any budget. Here’s a few more reasons why you may consider becoming a FACES + Concierge patient today:

  • You want more personal access to Dr. Cohen over the course of your surgical care.
  • You want VIP access to our FACES + Concierge health and beauty seminars and socials.
  • You want a designated FACES + Concierge assigned to help you and your family navigate and facilitate your entire surgical experience.