Perfecting the Profile: Chin Augmentation Options to Create Facial Balance.

Not all of us are born with an Angelina Jolie like facial structure. But chin up, ladies and gentlemen! There are so many chin augmentation options available, ranging from surgical to non-surgical solutions.

Structure is In

chin augmentation
chin changes can make a big difference: Just look at this augmented photo series.

Chin augmentation procedures are steadily rising in popularity. This surge could be due to many factors involving the prevalence of social media and virtual meetings. We see more of ourselves than ever.

Along with this, plastic surgery trends are shifting from the overfilled facial look to emulating more structured proportions. Both men and women are seeking lasting facial changes that give them a contoured appearance.


celebrity chins
Famous men and women with admired facial profiles


Facial Balance is Key

chin augmentation
a representation of taking facial measurements to see where proportions could be optimized

The key to chin augmentation is finding balance. The type of procedure needed depends on many factors, but the most important is how your plastic surgeon will create the best facial harmony.


Types of Procedures

From reduction to enhancement, here are the options we offer at Faces+.


Chin Injectables: Getting injectables into or around the chin area is a great way to fill out minor deficiencies, create contours, and give the chin a boost of volume needed to add balance.

Types of injectables that we offer:

  • Hyaluronic acid fillers – Restylane lift, Juvederm Voluma and our preferred option: Radiesse
    • An immediate and substantial effect
    • Lasts for six months to a year depending on the type of filler used
  • Natural filler using your fat
    • Subtle change
    • All-natural approach
  • Kybella (deoxycholic acid)
    • Eliminates fat underneath the chin
    • Creates a contour

Benefits: Little downtime, non-surgical, can experiment with a new look

Considerations: Costly to maintain results

chin fillers
before and after chin fillers


Chin Surgery: Chin surgery or a genioplasty can involve many approaches depending on what the patient needs. Surgery is ideal for those with moderate to significant deficiencies or those that have an excess of bone.

  • Using a chin implant
  • Osseous genioplasty (surgically moving the chin)
  • Jaw surgery (requires orthodontics)


  • Reverse genioplasty
  • Bone contouring
  • Moving the jaw backward (requires orthodontics)

chin reduction

Associated procedures:
  • Incorporating bone putty for structure and projection
  • Potential mini-facelift due to excess skin
  • Liposuction underneath the chin
  • Jaw implants

chin plastic surgery chin augmentation

Benefits: Creating a lasting change, cost-effective, robust results

Considerations: Some downtime, personal and financial commitment

Important note: Not all plastic surgeons are skilled at all of these options. So ask questions, look at results, and review credentials before deciding to say yes to this type of complex surgery.


Dr. Cohen is a master at manipulating the bone structure. With his experience in both plastic surgery and craniofacial surgery, his chin augmentations give extraordinary patient results.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Cohen to go over the best chin augmentation option for you.

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