Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation is a commonly performed surgical procedure to increase the size of smaller breasts, asymmetrical breasts, or breasts that have decreased in size after childbearing or weight loss. Silicone or saline implants are the standard way to enhance breast size, however, fat transfer from elsewhere in the body is becoming more popular. This is due to the natural-looking results this alternative procedure can produce.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), approximately 290,000 breast augmentation procedures are performed annually.(1) Many women who are dissatisfied with the size, shape or general appearance of their breasts find that it not only improves their appearance but that it also increases self-confidence. A wider range of clothing options and the ability to enhance their overall body silhouette can also be significant factors for many patients.

Come to San Diego-based Faces+ for a breast transformation – with or without implants. Renowned plastic and craniofacial surgeon Dr. Steven R. Cohen has performed countless breast augmentation procedures with expert precision throughout his lengthy surgical career. He helps his patients fulfill their aesthetic aspirations, enabling them to reach their goals with the highest standard of care. Find out how Dr. Cohen can help you by calling (858) 453-7224 or by filling out our online inquiry form. You can book a personal consultation that will discuss the best course of action for your breast augmentation requirements, including implant size, shape, and materials.

Before & After Photos

Before and After Photos

About Breast Augmentation

As the most commonly performed aesthetic surgery, breast augmentation is popular with older and younger women alike. Surgeons take time to get to know their patients and work with them to form a treatment plan that is unique to them. Important factors in the planning of a breast augmentation include:

  • Noting the breast’s skin and soft tissue characteristics
  • Examining breast size and its relation to a patient’s chest wall size
  • Detailing the patient’s specific aesthetic desires
  • Discussing implant size and pocket position
  • Explaining incision types and how these affect the end results
  • Ensuring the desires of the patients align with the safest, most aesthetic results

Dr. Cohen takes pride in getting to know each of his patients. So, before you undergo your breast augmentation procedure, you’ll have many discussions with him. The preoperative planning for your surgery should reflect a balance between what is achievable with your tissue characteristics and your goals for treatment.(2)

Choosing the Right Implant

It’s important to know your implant and placement options, and Dr. Cohen will be happy to explain the details. Breast implants are made with either silicone or saline, both of which are biocompatible. Silicone implants are generally more popular as they are considered by many surgeons to be less prone to rippling and they offer a more natural feel.(3) Similarly, implants can be anatomically shaped or round according to the patient’s wishes. In fact, studies show no significant differences in satisfaction levels between shaped and round implants.(4) 

At your consultation, you’ll also be able to see real examples of implants so you can choose the size that you desire, and discuss the placement of your chosen implants with Dr. Cohen.

Autologous Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

Autologous Fat Transfer for breast augmentation has risen in popularity in recent years. For patients who do not wish to get implants, autologous fat, or fat from the patient’s own body, can increase breast volume. After it has been harvested from another area, usually the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen, Dr. Cohen reintroduces it to the breasts for natural-looking enhancement. Please discuss your surgery preferences and feel free to ask about autologous fat transfer at your personal consultation.

Candidates for Breast Augmentation

Our patients come to Faces+ from all walks of life! If you are a physically healthy individual with realistic expectations and are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding, you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery. Patients usually choose this kind of procedure if they are dissatisfied with the natural appearance of their breasts, if they want to balance their breast symmetry, or if they want to increase their cup size. Breast augmentation surgery may not be possible if you have any of the following conditions.

  • Active breast infection or cancer
  • A history of autoimmune disease 
  • Undergoing radiation treatment
  • Serious blood clotting disorders
  • Known sensitivity to silicone

Personal Consultation

Dr. Cohen will speak to you about the goals you wish to attain through breast augmentation at a personal consultation at his office in San Diego. He will take a brief account of your medical history and examine your breast tissue and skin characteristics. Once you have told him the breast aesthetic you aspire to, Dr. Cohen will draw up a personalized treatment plan so you can get the most out of your breast augmentation surgery!

Premium Care at Faces+

Everyone deserves a little luxury every once in a while, and aesthetic surgery is no exception! You may choose the Faces+ Concierge service, to help things run as smoothly as possible. You’ll get more access to Dr. Cohen’s expert knowledge, and we’ll provide  first-class aesthetic surgery experience the whole way through. Our personal concierge service is designed to take the hassle out of your surgery appointments so you can get on with the things that matter the most.


How to prepare for breast augmentation.

  • Stop Smoking: Nicotine can have significant negative effects on your ability to heal after your breast augmentation. Dr. Cohen will stress the importance of stopping smoking before your procedure and during your recovery.
  • Schedule Time Off: Your breast augmentation surgery will require some downtime afterwards. You’ll need to coordinate with your employer to take time off work and you’ll need to make sure your home is a comfortable recovery environment.
  • Stay Healthy: Continue to exercise regularly and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Ensure you’re well-hydrated and that you’re in good overall health before your procedure.
  • Cease Taking Certain Medications: Some medications and supplements can increase bleeding. These medications include; aspirin, ibuprofen, blood thinners, vitamin E, and St. John’s Wort.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Prior to your surgery, Dr. Cohen will document the preoperative appearance of your breast profile by taking a series of photographs. He will ask you to stand for this documentation so the natural shape and position of the breasts can be seen clearly and easily compared with your postsurgical results. 

Your breast augmentation procedure will begin with the administration of anesthesia for your comfort. During your surgery, Dr. Cohen will make a small incision on the underside of the breast, through which he will place the implant. Depending on your treatment plan, he will place the implants either under or over the chest musculature. Submuscular placement is a good choice for patients with limited natural breast tissue. He will carefully manipulate the implant and its surrounding tissue to ensure it is in the most natural position. 

Once the breast implant is placed in the best position, Dr. Cohen will secure the incision and suture it shut, then he will repeat the process with the other breast. If there is significant asymmetry, he may suggest implants that differ in size so the overall look of the breasts will be symmetrical after the healing process is complete.


After your breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Cohen will wrap your chest with a compression garment. He will give you personal instructions on how to use this, and when to take it off. In the initial few days after your procedure, there will be some swelling and discomfort. In some cases where extra fluid has accumulated around the breast tissue, patients are fitted with a postoperative drain. Dr. Cohen will work with you to ensure you are as comfortable as you can be, and will prescribe oral pain relief where necessary. On average, the recovery period for a breast augmentation procedure takes between four and six weeks. During this period you should avoid strenuous activity, including heavy lifting and going to the gym.


Dr. Cohen will arrange a follow-up appointment during your recovery period to ensure you are healing as expected. In a few weeks, the swelling will subside and you will see the final results of your breast augmentation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your recovery, please feel free to call our office. Once you’re fully healed, you’ll be able to enjoy your new breast profile for many years to come.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Mastopexy (Breast Lift) – Dr. Cohen can perform a breast lift procedure to reposition the breasts without the need for implants. Patients who experience skin laxity and breast sagging, particularly women who have seen significant post-nursing changes in breast shape and projection, may benefit significantly from a breast lift procedure. Dr. Cohen expertly adjusts the tissue, positioning the breasts higher on the chest for a more aesthetic silhouette.

Cost of Breast Augmentation in San Diego

Every procedure requires a personalized treatment plan expertly tailored to your needs by Dr. Cohen. Therefore, the cost of your breast augmentation procedure may vary. Please feel free to discuss this, and any other questions you may have at your individual consultation at Faces+. Contact us online or call (858) 453-7224 to book your breast augmentation consultation in San Diego.

Take a look at our video testimonials to find out how our patients have benefitted from surgery performed by Dr. Cohen. You can also read the Faces+ blog for more details about our services.


What’s the average recovery time for breast augmentation?

Although every patient responds to treatment differently, the average recovery time after breast augmentation surgery is between four and six weeks.

Which is better; round implants or teardrop implants?

Your choice of implant shape depends very much on your aesthetic preferences and your body type. Your surgeon may recommend a particular shape of implants after assessing your breast tissue and listening to what your goals for surgery are. As always, the more informed you are about your own body, and about the options you have, the better your results will be for your unique situation.

Can I get a breast augmentation without implants?

Yes! Many surgeons offer autologous fat transfer. This is when the surgeon harvests fat from the buttocks, abdomen, or thighs and reintroduces it to the breasts for a more natural augmentation without implants. Speak to your provider about your breast augmentation options to discover the right procedure for your circumstances.


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