Cheek Augmentation

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Cheek augmentation can be carried out with fillers, but when a true bony deficiency exists, a synthetic cheek implant may be the best option.

The surgeon’s at FACES+ are specialists in contouring the craniofacial skeleton and can help you decide what approach is best for your individualized needs. Often, the cheek implant is performed at the time of eyelid surgery or a facelift and can be inserted through the eyelid incision or through an incision in the mouth. The implants are secured to the underlying bone and produce an immediate effect and beautiful, long lasting augmentation.


Cheek and Chin Augmentations are used to enhance facial contours and provide harmonious balance to your face. For example, a person’s nose may appear larger than it actually is, due to the chin being too small for the proportions of the face.

Additional Procedures

Cheek augmentation can also be performed to complement a chin augmentation, a facelift or nasal refinement.