Facial Fat Grafting

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More than just filling the face.

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Dr. Steven Cohen is one of the pioneers in the field of facial fat grafting.

  • one of the first surgeons in the world to combine facelift procedures with large volume fat grafting
  • restores deep and superficial fat compartment and facial volume with fat grafting.
  • provided the foundation for using larger volumes of fat for replacement of lost soft tissue from aging
  • use of fat-derived cells for restoring vascularity to the aging face
  • reversing some of the aging changes in elastin and collagen fibers, the hallmark of aging.

Fat and its component cells are now routinely used by the FACES+ surgeons to replace and regenerate aging facial tissues.

Cohen Injectable Tissue Replacement™ treatment involves facial fat grafting on a precise scale.

Injectable Tissue Replacement

Facial fat grafting done with injectable tissue replacement stimulates collagen and increases facial volume by using your own tissue to reverse the aging process.


Get the procedure awake:

This procedure frequently is done under local anesthetic so the patient is awake. Dr. Cohen will numb the areas of injection, therefore the patient will feel little to mild discomfort during the entirety of the process.

or asleep:

Facial fat grafting is often done with other procedures like a facelift, body contouring procedures or eye lift. This is beneficial for those who want to get multiple procedures in one operating room visit.


  • Instant Restored Volume Loss
  • New Blood Supply To Face
  • Collagen and Elastin Production
  • Stromovascular Tissue Insertion