Dr. Cohen’s Facial Rejuvenation Masterclass

Conveniently located to serve the areas of San Diego, CA

You’re invited to join Dr. Cohen’s online webinar to learn his facial fat grafting technique and ABC Facelift:

Injectable Tissue Replacement and Regeneration.

Why ITR2 is different

facial rejuvenation san diego

Dr. Cohen standardized the facial fat grafting process to create consistently beautiful and effective results with each procedure. With anatomical precision, fat is injected into the face with three different sizes to fill each compartment of facial volume loss accurately.

What You Will Learn

  • Pyriform aperture injection
  • Liquid columellar struts
  • Glabellar/forehead augmentation
  • Patient consultation for facial aging
  • Marking and observing your patient pre-op
  • Surgical tool options

What To Expect

  • Lectures on various aspects of the topic
  • Live surgery on each day of course
  • Supplemental e-learning course

What Other Doctors are Saying

Dr. Cohen has extensive experience with craniofacial surgery and facelifts and as such has wide and deep knowledge of the soft tissue between the skin and the bone. He was very generous in sharing his techniques. His surgical performance was as beautiful and clear as the photos shown in a dissection anatomy textbook and there was minimal bleeding. In addition to his surgical skills, Dr. Cohen is an expert in a lot of techniques such as fat injection that can be used complementary to surgery.”

Takeru Nomachi MD Plastic Surgeon Osaka, Japan