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male cosmetic surgery

Surgical treatments for men are gaining more widespread acceptance as they aim to combat the same signs of aging that women face. More and more, men are realizing that there is nothing wrong with looking and feeling their best.

With more advanced cosmetic approaches than ever before, surgeons have found minimally invasive techniques that produce high-quality, natural-looking results that men can feel confident about. Besides age-related issues, some procedures are designed to highlight existing characteristics, helping to masculinize facial features and promote greater symmetry and better proportions. Surgeons have vast anatomical knowledge of how to vary their treatment methods to suit men’s interests, avoiding a “one-size-fits-all” approach. 

If you are hesitant about undergoing cosmetic surgery, consider discussing your concerns with Dr. Steven R. Cohen, a master plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience. Dr. Cohen’s involvement with research and several areas of medicine has granted him the well-rounded training needed to create incredible outcomes for men and women alike. 

To get in touch with FACES+, his practice in San Diego, call his staff at (858) 453-7224 or fill out his online form, and a team member will be in contact with you within a day. 

Are Men Undergoing Plastic Surgery?

The image of the “standard” cosmetic surgery patient is shifting and practices are becoming ever more inclusive to men’s needs. According to studies by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the number of male patients has risen by 28% since the year 2000. A 2016 study found that they make up about 8% of all elective procedures in the United States. More men are intrigued by surgical innovations that are tailored to flatter masculine looks. American culture, too, is changing; as the stigma around surgery dissipates over time, an increasing number of men are feeling freer to speak up about making changes to their appearance. Dr. Cohen handles men’s desires for rejuvenation with professionalism and care, ensuring that he completely understands their desired outcomes.

Treatment Options

Male Facelift

While women generally want a softer appearance after a facelift, you may prefer sharper, more defined angles. In general, a facelift rejuvenates the lower or mid-face, resolving deep wrinkles, jowling, and tissue volume loss in these areas. Dr. Cohen performs variations of the facelift utilizing small incisions that outline the outer edges of each ear and the hairline. After making these tiny openings, he can access the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) , an expansive network of connective tissue that allows him to elevate the sagging areas of the face as a whole. He can adjust this layer in several ways by repositioning unwanted, small fat deposits, releasing certain facial ligaments, and tightening facial muscles. For milder signs of aging, Dr. Cohen can perform a mini facelift which involves smaller incisions and only lifts the lowest portion of the face.

Male Facial Fat Grafting

Aging skin can come with unwanted sunkenness and a more deflated appearance. Facial fat grafting is an excellent all-natural alternative to dermal fillers, helping you restore the fuller facial contours of your youth. For this procedure, Dr. Cohen will simply need to make a 1-centimeter incision on an area of the body with an excess amount of fat. After collecting it via liposuction, he will use an intricate purification process and reinject it into the subcutaneous layer of the face, providing even, natural-feeling volume for hollowed areas of the face. Typically, only about 2 tablespoons of fat are required to create noticeable improvements. (1)

Male Genioplasty

A genioplasty is a procedure that augments the shape, size, or position of the chin, reducing the prominence of a “double chin” and enhancing the jawline. As an experienced craniofacial surgeon, Dr. Cohen has a range of skills to form incredible results, making an internal incision within the mouth to access the jaw bone, and securing alterations with titanium to promote new, natural bone growth in the chin area.

Male Rhinoplasty

A male rhinoplasty may involve a variety of changes to the nose cartilage that do not interfere with its naturally masculine shape and prominence. Dr. Cohen utilizes these procedural techniques to create better proportions, smooth out dorsal humps, fix breathing issues, or reshape the nose bridge, nostrils, or nose tip. Depending on the cosmetic and/or functional changes you will require, Dr. Cohen may have to use a cartilage graft. Regardless of whether or not he uses a graft, the procedure will be categorized as an open or closed rhinoplasty.

With an open approach, he will make an incision at the separating tissue between the nostrils, the columella. This will allow him complete visualization of the internal structures of the nose. For a closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Cohen will make internal incisions, preventing any risk of making any visible scarring. Open techniques will be more suitable if you require significant corrections, dorsal hump correction, or alterations to the nose bridge. The closed approach is better if you require minor cosmetic adjustments and/or correction of nasal valve collapse and impeded airflow. (2)

Male Blepharoplasty

A blepharoplasty- or eyelid lift– serves to remove excess skin and sagging around the eyes. Dr. Cohen can perform a lower blepharoplasty to smooth out under-eye bags, or an upper blepharoplasty to eliminate lax skin on overly “hooded” eyes. He can also perform a combination of both at the same time, a procedure referred to as a quad blepharoplasty.

For an upper eyelid lift, Dr. Cohen will make an incision along the upper eyelid crease, giving him access to remove small fat pads and the orbicularis oculi muscle surrounding each eye. By tightening this muscle and removing lax skin, he can improve the surrounding skin texture and overall contour.

For a lower eyelid lift, Dr. Cohen will need to make a subtle incision just beneath the lower eyelid’s waterline to find and alter connective tissue called the tarsoligamentous complex. He will also take time to remove any unnecessary skin and fat that are contributing to a bulging, aged look. (3) Dr. Cohen takes into account the fact that men tend to have more prominent brow ridges and require slightly altered techniques that best suit the male face shape.

Male Liposuction

Liposuction involves permanently removing fat from a highly specified area of the body. Although it is not a weight-loss tool, liposuction can help you slim down and appear more athletic and toned. For this minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Cohen only needs to make a tiny incision to access the fat layer before introducing a solution called tumescent fluid. As the fluid settles into this tissue plane, it causes the fat to engorge and separate from other tissues. It also restricts blood flow and provides a numbing effect to make the procedure more comfortable and safe. Dr. Cohen will then use a thin tubular device called a cannula to suction the targeted fat away. After completing the procedure, Dr. Cohen will repair the incision with surgical tape. He will then prescribe a compression garment for you to wear to control the swelling during your recovery period.

If you would like to enhance the sculpting effect of liposuction, Dr. Cohen offers an advanced procedure called VASER Hi-Def. With this variation of liposuction, he will insert a cannula-like instrument that administers VASER (vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance) energy. This type of acoustic energy breaks down the molecular bonds between fat cells, helping them separate from other subcutaneous tissues and minimizing damage during fat collection. This technology has been shown to reduce downtime and promote a more comfortable recovery for patients. (4) With VASER Hi-Def, specifically, Dr. Cohen can strategically collect the fat directly overlying muscle and leave thin layers that will accentuate muscular definition once fully healed.

Personal Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Cohen will listen intently to your concerns and the contouring outcomes you would like to achieve with your procedure/s of interest. He will outline a comprehensive treatment plan, especially if you wish to undergo more than one procedure. He will be sure to go over the necessary preparation steps, the techniques he will utilize, and instructions for a healthy, safe recovery.

You should come prepared with a list of questions you would like him to answer, and he will go over each one in detail. If you have any interest in investing in non-surgical or longevity & regenerative treatments, Dr. Cohen can explain the pros and cons of each and how they compare to surgical alternatives. To learn more about other options at FACES+, feel free to read through our blog.

To find out more about FACES+, Dr. Cohen’s expertise, or in-depth information on male procedures, we invite you to schedule an appointment at our San Diego office by calling (858) 453-7224 or filling out our online form. We will help you find a convenient time and date for you to speak with Dr. Cohen. 

Cost of Male Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego

The cost of your cosmetic procedures at FACES+ will depend on your specific procedure/s, anesthesia fees, other surgical fees, and post-procedure checkup appointments. As a surgeon who strives to be transparent with his patients, Dr. Cohen will provide you with a detailed quote at the end of your consultation appointment.


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