Cohen Injectable Tissue Regeneration™ Treatments Provide 4 Unique Benefits.

Expensive night creams, serums, and injectable fillers all claim to work toward the same thing: younger looking skin. FACESplus plastic surgeon Steven Cohen discovered the missing age-defying ingredient and it’s more common than you’d think. Can this solution help us age backward?

Cohen Injectable Facial Regeneration™ named treatments prove fillers can be a long-term solution to rapid aging.

Chances are you know all about the latest filler craze. Non-surgical procedures are known to give the face and body instant natural-looking results. Brands like Juvederm and Restylane are the most well-known in the industry due to rampant popularity among celebs (ahem*Kylie). The new procedure pioneered by Dr.Cohen is called Cohen Injectable Tissue Regeneration™ and provides a lasting, all-natural alternative to hyaluronic acid fillers. These synthesized fat fillers sustain unbelievable anti-aging results over time.

The secret’s in your fat.

Fat grafting has been around since the 1800’s but missed the innovation Dr.Cohen brings to take our fat benefits to the next level. The industry standard of how to complete a fat graft isn’t optimized for a specialized facial filler technique. Fat for specific parts of the face is a brand new concept untapped by surgeons until now. Dr. Cohen researched the effects of fat tissue filtered into different density levels with medical devices by Tulip. These are designed to target the face and filter fat down to the highest density cell source.

This resulted in his creation of Cohen Injectable Tissue Regeneration™ and it’s taking the injectable’s industry by storm.

Reverse aging is possible.

Dr. Cohen’s studies reveal when fat tissue is filtered and injected back into the face it regenerates brand-new tissue by repairing and regenerating cells. After these injections, the full results of the treatment are not noticeable until months later. Leaving skin looking younger and supple the as time passes.

Here are the key takeaways:

1. Filtering fat provides structure and aids in the regeneration of cell tissue

  • Milifat adds structure to the face and renewed tissue.
  • Microfat smoothes the skin and reformation of tissue.
  • Nanofat stimulates rapid cell production.

Amounts of each type of fat are determined by face shape and desired outcome.

2. It’s a minimally invasive procedure

Pain and discomfort are always a concern for the first-time filler patient. Luckily this one’s not bad. This procedure only requires a little injection to extract the fat. No surgery is needed for this treatment and patients are awake for the fat harvesting. Slight discomfort is normal but the pain level is mild enough to talk through what’s happening with your doctor.

3. A breakthrough treatment in anti-aging

Dr. Cohen refers to what happens long after this procedure as tropism. Unlike hydroponic acid fillers, skin repairs and regenerates new cells in the area of injection. With these fat injections, skin looks better over time. This treatment isn’t just reserved for older patients either. Getting started on Cohen Injectable Tissue Regeneration, when skin is young greatly increases cell and tissue production. You’ll notice yourself aging backward Benjamin Button style.

4. Sustainable skincare in a filler

Forget that feeling of money wasted on a procedure that doesn’t sustain over time. The cost of Cohen Injectable Tissue Regeneration is on the higher scale because of the lasting results of the treatment. Fillers like Juvederm and Restylane need to be injected again about every three months leaving a costly bill and frequent visits to the office.

Cohen Injectable Tissue Regeneration slows down the aging process with no downtime. Now you can enjoy being as young as you’re about to look. That’s a treatment we can get behind.

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