5 Eye-Opening Reasons to Get An Eye Lift

A blepharoplasty or “bleph” is the medical term for an eye lift procedure. An eye lift involves removing excess skin from either the upper or lower eyelid (sometimes both) to open up the eye area. Here are 5 reasons why this procedure is a favorite with the patients at our office.

Natural Results

An eye lift enhances the beauty of your eyes by allowing them to peak through. By giving your eyes more eyelid space, you’ll appear rested and youthful but always look like yourself.

Minimal Downtime

Eye lift surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that can be done under local anesthesia. There may be some mild soreness after the procedure but most patients say it’s virtually pain-free. Stitches from an eye lift are placed in the crease or lower lid of the eye so they’re usually undetectable to others. Unlike most surgeries, you can resume your normal activities shortly after an eye lift.

Brighter Eyes

One of the main benefits of getting an eye lift is brighter eyes. After receiving the surgery, the eye space is lifted and open which makes your eyes appear larger. If you have eye bags you’ll benefit from a lower eye lift which minimizes unwanted creasing and saggy skin in the lower eye area.

Better Vision

As we age skin becomes loose and crepey around our eyes. In some people the excess skin is so prevalent it gets in the way of their vision. Because of this, an eye lift is a great solution to get rid of the heavy skin and restore full vision.

Makeup Space

One of the things patients are the most grateful for after their eye lift surgery is the ability to wear makeup with ease. Once loose skin is removed, patient’s have ample room to apply and blend eyeshadow or wear false lashes.

These are just some of the reasons why we love eye lifts at Faces+. But don’t take our word for it, below are real patient testimonials post-eye lift surgery.

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