5 Plastic Surgery Procedures You Didn’t Know Existed

Plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentations, liposuction procedures, and facelifts have become mainstream in today’s society. But there are a number of less popular procedures that don’t get the spotlight and are just as prevalent. 

Here are some of our lesser-known plastic surgery procedures and what they do.

Zygoma Reduction Surgery

Zygoma may sound like a newly discovered planet but it is actually referring to the zygomatic bone which in layman’s terms is a cheekbone.

This is a cheekbone reduction surgery. Patients with large cheeks due to bone structure are candidates for this type of procedure. The surgeon will either shave down or cut the bone to reshape the facial structure.

What it Does: This plastic surgery procedure narrows the face and works wonders for those with bone abnormalities causing a genetically large projection of the midface.

Mandible Reduction Surgery

Mandibular refers to the mandible which is the lower jaw bone. So this plastic surgery procedure addresses the lower jaw area.

Often combined with a genioplasty (see below) this is another bone-cutting procedure that narrows the lower jaw structure. This type of patient who would receive this surgery has a strong lower jaw caused by genetic bone structure.

What it Does: A Mandible Reduction Surgery puts the lower face in harmony with the rest of the face by reducing the enlarged lower jaw area.

Osseous Genioplasty

No, this isn’t a character you read about in Greek mythology. An osseous genioplasty is actually a chin shaping plastic surgery procedure that involves cutting the bone and moving it forward while also reducing it in height (also called a sliding genioplasty). There is no chin implant used in this procedure as the result is created by moving the existing bone. 

Patients with a chin recession, facial asymmetry, or facial deformity typically opt for this type of procedure to lengthen the chin area.

What it Does: A osseous genioplasty creates permanent facial contours that restore facial harmony.

Injectable Tissue Replacement and Regeneration

If you are a patient of Dr. Cohen’s you most likely know about this state-of-the-art facial fat grafting procedure. If you’re not – you’ll want to get to know it.

Facial fat grafting involves taking fat from an area of the body and using that fat to inject volume back into the face.

Fat is not meant to be distributed in equal sizes all over the face like a filler. Instead, Dr. Cohen pioneered a new revolutionary way to inject fat using an anatomic approach. The fat is made into different sizes for different areas in the face.

What it Does: ITR2 restores facial tissue lost with aging by creating new blood vessels and adding fat to the exact places of loss. This restores healthier skin and a vibrant glow back into the face.


Confidence in intimate areas often decreases after childbirth. Vaginal rejuvenation helps restore a previous aesthetic shape that is more tucked in. Surgery to reshape this area is called a labiaplasty.

What it Does: This procedure reduces the length of the labia minora which helps ease irritation and aesthetic irregularities that occur naturally or from childbirth.

With impressive names and even more impressive results these plastic surgery procedures are lesser-known for a reason. That reason is that they are extremely technical and only a handful of well-trained plastic surgeons are qualified to do them with ease.

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