5 Reasons Why Getting A Facelift Surgery in Fall is A Good Idea.

Getting a facelift surgery requires taking time off. Depending on the extensiveness of the procedure, this could be anywhere from a few days to a week of downtime and even more social downtime. Because of this, choosing the right season for your surgery is key. Here are 5 reasons why we think the fall season is the best time for this facial surgery.

 1. It’s Right Before The Holidays

The first and most obvious reason to get a facelift surgery in the fall is that it’s before your most important holiday events. With Thanksgiving, holiday parties and other festivities coming up, fall gives time for your skin to heal. You’ll be looking and feeling your absolute best come party time. Who doesn’t love that?

 2. Your Skin is Ready For a Revamp

After summer, the compounded effect of ongoing aging plus sun damage sets in. Opting for your facelift surgery during this time gives your look a refresh when you need it the most. While in surgery, double down on a powerful skin treatment such as Fraxel laser to resurface skin and do a full face 180. Then you’ll reap the benefits of being under anesthesia for both treatments and heal at the same time.

 3. The Air Starts to Cool Down

Comfort is key when it comes to recovery. It’s easy to go stir crazy during the summer months when the temperature rises. In the fall the air gets crispy cool and it’s the perfect time to stay inside and get cozy in recovery after your facelift surgery.

4. The Best Shows Are On

You’ll stay entertained at home with all the good fall tv shows out this season. With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and cable TV premieres there is no better time for binge-watching shows. By the time you reach the end of season 3, you’ll be done healing!

5. Paid Time Off

The holidays mean extra time off. Utilize the built-in recovery time from work and schedule your facelift surgery during this season. Then you can come back to work looking so good that everyone will wonder what’s in your water.

Want to know what the facelift recovery is like? We documented our patient post facelift surgery from healing to results.

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