5 Reasons to Visit San Diego Over LA for Plastic Surgery.

There are numerous plastic surgeons in Los Angeles but San Diego is on the rise as a top city for plastic surgery patients. This is because of all the great things this city has to offer in terms of privacy, relaxation and service quality. Here are some of the following ways “America’s Finest City” stands out as a top plastic surgery destination.

1. There is no cookie-cutter look.

In Los Angeles, people with work done look like their morphing into each other. Doctors tend to have the same on-trend aesthetic when it comes to helping patients and it can cost the patient their personal identity. Here in San Diego, we have no standard of what a perfect face should look like and our doctors don’t carry those assumptions either. Dr. Cohen treats patients based on their natural aesthetic and how to enhance the beauty that’s already there. So you won’t end up looking like a Kardashian clone.

2. Privacy is abundant.

In San Diego, our population is a little over one million. That sounds like a lot, but compared to the Los Angeles population of over 3 million it’s safe to say that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with privacy. You’ll be way less likely to bump into somebody you know at the grocery store.

3. Relaxation everywhere you turn.

San Diego is most known for our beautiful beaches, luxurious spas and beautiful countrysides. Whatever experience you desire while you’re recovering, you’ll find a nice oasis to help you de-stress, relax and take time to yourself.

4. Less traffic.

Forget the LA traffic and come to San Diego. You won’t want to be sitting in traffic for hours post-op. Instead, rest somewhere luxurious like the Hilton or Hotel Del Coronado while you heal.

5. No gimmicks

Beverly Hills is full of plastic surgeons that are striving for fame and not just good patient care. Some of these doctors think their social media following is more important than the actual results the patients are getting. It’s a problem that’s permeating the industry as many patients are being duped into false promises and results based on altered photos and advertising. Get away from that noise by going to a clinic that’s not centered around reality celebs and fame but instead treats everyday patients like royalty.

If you want to visit Dr. Cohen at our clinic in La Jolla call us at 858-453-7224.

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