All About The Eyes – Treatments to Make You Stand Out

Make yourself stand out from the crowd by drawing attention to the one feature that is the window to your soul- your eyes.

Since we are getting back to going out, looking into these quick healing procedures is a great idea to give yourself a mid-year refresh. We have many treatments available to make the eyes look bright again and these are our top picks from less invasive to surgical options.

Botox Around The Eyes

Show off your smize without looking older.

You may have started seeing more wrinkles forming around your eyes. This is because they are our primary method of expression right now.

Botox is a botulinum toxin that paralyzes the muscles when injected. It’s mainly used in the forehead and surrounding areas of expression. These injections work great around the eye area because with only a few injections they can eliminate crow’s feet, slightly raise the eyebrows, and create space.

Botox injections last around 3-4 months and there is no downtime involved. They kick-in about a week after injection, so plan accordingly if you want to be wrinkle-free by a specific date.

Under Eye Injectables

Look like you get all 8 hours of sleep.

Brighten the eyes by using injectables to either fill hollows or stimulate collagen growth. Here are the types of injectables we offer and what they do.

  • Injectable Fillers
    • Under-eye filler adds volume to areas of hollowing in the tear trough that happen either genetically or as we age.
    • Our preferred hyaluronic acid filler for this treatment is Beletero. It’s smooth and longer-lasting and can also be reversed in case of over-filling.
  • Fat Injections with Injectable Tissue Replacement
    • This treatment uses your own cleaned fat tissues to restore blood supply to the eye area.
    • A mini-liposuction procedure takes place to gather the fat.
    • Dr. Cohen injects your nano-fat into specific pockets of the orbital area.
    • This treatment adds a burst of new collagen production which creates healthier tissue over time.

“Fat is like a honeycomb, it holds all our growth factors to regenerate new cells and restore what is lost with aging.”

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)  Injections
    • Like fat injections, PRP injections are a natural way to boost collagen in the delicate eye area
    • Our physician’s assistant draws a vial of your blood that gets spun to it’s the most cell-rich source: PRP
    • The PRP then gets injected underneath and around the eye area with a thin needle.

Eye Lift

The Eye-Opener.

An eyelift surgery or blepharoplasty is the gold-standard procedure to get an awake appearance. This surgery gets rid of excess skin, muscle, and fat around the eyes (upper, lower, or both). It’s a great option for older patients who’ve started to see the structure of their eye droop or are having trouble seeing due to excess skin folding over.

In younger patients, an eye lift can create a different eye shape. This is the case with a canthopexy which is a lower eye lift that creates an almond-eye effect.

The length of the eye lift procedure is short, downtime minimal and it can be done while the patient is awake.

Brow Lift

Because the brows need love too.

Another procedure to compliment the eyes nicely is a brow lift. A brow lift procedure will raise the position of the eyebrows on the forehead. This will simultaneously give the eyes more space to show.

We offer both surgical and thread lifting for this type of procedure. There are many different techniques used for a surgical brow lift depending on how dramatic of a look you want.  Most of the scars lie in the hairline of the forehead that looks undetectable when healed.

If you’re looking for a quicker, less-invasive brow treatment the thread lift works wonders to create the arched cat-eye brow look that is trending right now.

Many patients decide to do a combination of these procedures listed to give them the best results. Let your eyes take center stage and schedule a consultation for one of these treatments below.

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