Breast Augmentation Options – What You Should Know.

The Modern Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation trends are changing toward a more natural approach. We’re seeing more women opting for conservative changes that look natural but still enhanced.

Certain Breast Implants are Making Women Sick

The media recently picked up that the FDA reported rare cases of breast implant-related lymphoma. While the occurrence is rare, take note that these cases are mostly related to textured implants. Textured implants have ridges and bumps, unlike smooth implants that are silky to the touch.

The FDA Says:

“A BIA-ALCL diagnosis is quite rare: out of 100 million women, it’s estimated that only 3 cases would be diagnosed in a year.”

Because of these findings, many patients are turning to alternative options and getting their implants removed with explant surgery.

Here are some of the breast augmentation options that Dr. Cohen prefers to offer his patients who want a Natural Breast Augmentation.

The Safer Implant Option

Saline implants are a great option because they are customizable. What does that mean? Well, saline is a fancy word for sterile salt water. Each implant is filled at the time of surgery to your desired size.


  • A safer alternative to textured implant
  • Saline is not a foreign substance
  • Easier to detect rupture

If you still crave the look of fullness only an implant can give you, saline is the best option.

Fat Transfer to Breast (Natural Breast Augmentation)

The natural breast augmentation involves taking fat from an unwanted area in the body and placing it into the breast for volume.


  • Ultra-natural results
  • No implant in the body
  • Only natural materials in the body

This is a good option for a patient who doesn’t want the risk of implants or desires an undetectable natural result.

Radiofrequency Tightening to Breast

Radiofrequency tightening involves a helium laser (we use Renuvion) that creates a plasma to contact the tissue surrounding the breast. This gives the breast a natural lift that will keep improving over time.


  • No cutting needed
  • Breast tissue tightens over time
  • Micro-invasive

This procedure is usually combined with a fat transfer to the breast or implants. It is also performed alone under local anesthesia.

Breast Lift or Mastopexy (with or without fat grafting)

A breast lift takes away breast laxity and lifts up the breast by surgery.


  • Lifts the breasts with or without implants
  • Helps with droopy breasts
  • Adds volume with fat grafting

This procedure combined with fat grating and with or without implants creates a beautiful result. There are many options on where the incision is made. Common options are around the nipple and underneath the breast (lollipop).

These options are statistically low-risk procedures that still leave you with beautiful, enhanced breasts. To find out the best option for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cohen at our office.

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