We Tried Coolsculpting and These Are Our Thoughts.

It’s 2018 and if you haven’t heard of Coolscupting by now…we’re going to tell you about it (also you should get out more). This procedure took the non-invasive fat loss industry by storm with its fancy celebrity endorsements from notable people like:

  • Molly Sims – Supermodel
  • Debra Messing – Will & Grace
  • The Kardashians

Coolsculpting is used at our office to get already fit patients to their desired shape. Working out and eating healthy will help you lose weight but unfortunately, we can’t control where our body likes to lose and store fat – until now. This treatment will not help you lose weight but it will help change your shape by eliminating the number of fat cells that collect in a certain area. It gets rid of these suckers, FOR GOOD.

How it Works

The machine is at the optimum cool temperature to freeze unwanted fat cells in the body. Then the freezing induces a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue. This is FDA-cleared, proven safe and clinically effective due to its non-invasive nature. Millions of procedures have been performed around the world.

We Put It To The Test

After finding out how easy and effective this treatment was for our patients, myself and my colleague were on a mission to get “cool”. This is how it all went down.

Identifying the Problem

My problem area is my abdominals and my co-worker did her inner thighs. We received a consultation with the local FACES+ superstar, Celeste who administers this treatment at our office. She told us realistically how many treatments we would need for desired results and marked the areas where the applicator is placed.

The Big Freeze

First, they prepped the area with a sticky clear gel pad – feels like honey. This pad stays on for the duration of the treatment to provide a barrier between your skin and the suction. The applicator goes right on top and is stabilized with a curved pillow so you don’t move it. Then once you’re situated with something to chill out to for 30 minutes (Netflix, magazines, iPhone, etc.) and a warm fuzzy blanket you’re ready to begin the Coolscultping cycle.

Okay, I won’t lie. The first 5 minutes are COLD. With the applicator being on my abdominals the initial cold suction feeling makes breathing a little rough. You may feel slightly nauseated (I did). But do not fear, this too shall pass! After the first 5 minutes, the area of treatment is fully numb and any discomfort subsides. You’re well on your way to less bulge!

Massaging The Frost

When your 30-ish minutes of frosty relaxation are up, the super weird crinkly fat massage begins. Let me explain: your treatment provider needs to break up all of those fat cells that died and went to hell (obviously stubborn fat doesn’t get a spot in heaven). This is so your body can cycle the dead cells through your system ASAP. This doesn’t feel painful, just a little odd but this massage is key to good results in a reasonable amount of time.


I left the treatment room feeling totally normal aside from the residual numbness in the treated area which I expected. My numbness subsided after about two weeks. The great thing about this treatment is that there is no downtime, I worked out later that day with no problem. Maximum results show after three months of your treatment and multiple treatments are expected so I can’t speak on my results just yet. Here are some of our patient before and after results:

I’ve determined that Coolsculpting is a great non-surgical option because it’s a no needles, no fuss way to battle the bulge.

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