Get Fibroblasts Fast With The Plasma Pen.

We’ve added a new treatment to our non-surgical solutions! Meet the plasma pen, a pen-shaped tool designed to dot the skin with plasma energy. I know Plasma sounds sciency so we’re going to break it down in layman’s terms so you can understand why it’s the greatest breakthrough in non-invasive skin tightening.

The purpose of plasma:

Plasma basically acts as a hot gas. To be more specific it’s a gas that is made of free electrons and positively charged ions. We use plasma energy in tv, neon lights and now beauty treatments!

How the Plasma Pen works:

The plasma pen fuses with the skin to create a micro-injury in the shape of a tiny dot. These dots get evenly distributed in specific problem areas to transform the skin as it heals.

Before the treatment, we apply a topical numbing cream to the intended treatment area. This will eliminate any discomfort during the treatment.

The healing process:

Patients will see mild improvement of the problem area at 2 weeks but full results are not usually seen until 3-6 months or longer following the treatment. The anticipated social downtime from this treatment is 5-7 days.

Fibroblast production:

Fibroblasts are collagen-producing cells in the skin. The plasma pen creates fibroblasts by signaling them to the spot of inflammation as they are accessory cells in many immune and inflammatory responses.

Ideal candidates:

An ideal candidate for this procedure is someone who experiences the following skin issues:

  • Skin laxity (loose skin)
  • Wrinkles
  • Crows feet
  • Frown Lines
  • Upper lip recession
If a patient is a Fitzpatrick skin type 3 or less we recommend pre-treatment with hydroquinone to prevent pigmentation. This treatment is not recommended for darker skin types but there are other alternatives such as Intense Pulse Light Treatment.
Find out what your Fitzpatrick skin type is by taking this quiz.
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