Global Beauty Differences in Plastic Surgery

Beauty is defined differently around the world. Culture and ethnic background shape our perception of what we perceive as beautiful. As a result, popular plastic surgery procedures differ around the world.

Here we are exploring the top plastic surgery countries most popular procedures based on their current ideals of beauty.

United States of America – Breast Augmentation

Breasts: Breast enhancements still reign high as a top contender for highest requested plastic surgery procedure in America. There is a slight cultural shift to butt augmentations rising in popularity but boob jobs are still number one.

Why: With current day muses like the Kardashian clan, flaunting a curvy figure is back. Social media also plays a role in this standard with many stars going unapologetically topless which may spark an interest in an augmentation.

Brazil/Latin America – Liposuction and Butt Lift

Liposuction and Butt Lift: Body contouring or lipo is the procedure of removing fat from the body. In some cases, this extra fat is moved to an area that is complementary to the patients overall physique.

Why: Home of the “Butt Lift”, Brazil gets hot and when the sun shines that means fewer clothes and more skin. Because of this, the pressure to look fit with curves is high. Also, the overall cost of plastic surgery in Brazil is relatively lower than most places allowing for it to be more commonplace in society.

South Korea – Eyelids

Eyes: Double eyelid surgery is widening of the eyes. It’s Korea’s most requested plastic surgery procedure.

Why: Korean’s gravitate towards a more commonly western feature of large round eyes. They associate the feature with highly glamourized youthfulness. Surgery is the only way this look is achievable because of the genetic predisposition for mono-lids.

Middle East – Nose

Nose: A nose job usually involves shaping both the bridge and the tip of the nose, making it smaller and more refined.

Why: Many women wear hijabs in the middle east making their face the center of attention. A petite nose is viewed as complementary to the face and makes an aesthetic statement that’s viewed at any given time.

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