How to Hunt For A Good Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeons are easy to find with a plethora of options online. What’s not so easy to navigate is if they are a good plastic surgeon. We’re going to help you identify whether the plastic surgeon you’re researching is a legitimate, good surgeon. Once you match their skills with our list, you’ll feel confident scheduling a consultation.

1. Check for Board Certified Status

The title of board certified is a MUST when looking for a good plastic surgeon. What this means is that your surgeon has the highest specialized training possible that they achieved after medical school during his residency. Doctors claim this status with rigorous testing and training in a specialized area. They hold a standard of ethics and precision.

2. Specialized in Your Procedure of Choice

Whether it’s face, body or liposuction, a good plastic surgeon has evidence of that specialty. For example, our head surgeon at FACES+ Dr.Steven Cohen spent many years performing craniofacial surgery at Rady’s children’s hospital so he is specialized in all aspects of complex facial surgery.

3. Look at Their Surgical Aesthetic

Before and after photos are a great reference for how your surgery results end up looking. A good plastic surgeon will have before and after pictures on display for each treatment they provide. Check out their website, social media pages, and other online profiles and take a close look at their result photos. Make sure the doctor’s results coincide with your desired aesthetic. Find a natural, you-but-better look, check our practices Instagram profile page: @faces_plus

4. Look For Authenticity

You should know the warning signs of a medical spa that alters their photos because this phenomenon happens often. Think critically when looking at before and after photos they post. If you see abnormalities like warped lines in the body or a super smooth face, then that office is using photoshop to make their work look better. Bottom line: fake photos = an unethical office and unpredictable results.

5. Look for a Personality Match

Make sure you feel comfortable with the way the surgeon communicates. Do your research and try to find videos of the doctor speaking about his procedures. If you like the way he relays info to the public, then it’s safe to say you’ll be comfortable in the consultation.

6. Happy Office Staff

A good plastic surgeon will have good customer service at their office. Make sure from your first phone call the staff treats you in a kind and personable way that answers all your questions and concerns. You’ll interact with the office staff more than the doctor so look for happy staff that is welcoming and attentive to your needs as a patient.

7. Weigh Out the Reviews

Look online reviews of the practice and take them with a grain of salt. Do look for more positive review than negative reviews, don’t read too much into the negative reviews if they’re far and few between. Online reputation is important but reading too much into it can skew your experience. Go with your gut feeling!

That’s it for our essential checklist when searching for a good plastic surgeon. The most important thing is that you’re safe during surgery and happy with your end result. Searching for a plastic surgeon is very personalized so take your time and good luck on your search!

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