Lip Lift: What to Know Before Getting This Trending Procedure.

Lip lift surgery is in the spotlight as a trending procedure. With a barrage of plump lipped influencers on social media, the ever-increasing demand for a fuller pout is seen in cosmetic offices now more than ever. The lip lift is the latest way to achieve a permanent lifted upper lip – but it doesn’t come without risks.

The Surgery:

The micro-surgery consists of a hairline incision made right under the nose. This allows the doctor to manipulate the skin above the lip also known as the philtrum. Then the doctor determines how much skin to cut for the optimal lip to nose ratio. This procedure is can be done under local anesthetic and done alone takes about 45 minutes to complete.


There is a very specific candidate for this type of procedure. The doctor must access that your philtrum ratio is abnormal. This includes an aesthetically long distance from the nose to the lip and also a small or curled under upper lip. Done correctly this procedure produces beautiful results that are unreplicated with filler injections.


Social media shows candidates as young as 20 getting this corrective surgery. Although this procedure seems like a solution to injectable filler refills, it is not for everyone. To be considered for this procedure go see a board certified plastic surgeon where they will give you an accurate assessment of your facial structure.

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