As many of our patients already know, Dr. Cohen has been one of the leading innovators in the resurgence of fat grafting and regenerative medicine in Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. One of the challenges in this field has been in developing a completely closed system that harvests, prepares and transfers larger volumes of fat.

In order to address this need, Dr. Cohen and his surgical team worked closely with a local San Diego medical device company to create “LipoLoop”.  LipoLoop™  is used for patients having liposculpting as well as breast and body enhancement with fat grafting.

The best candidates for LipoLoop™  include:

  • Patients who prefer to use their own tissue for large volume fat grafting such as breast and buttock augmentation.
  • Patients who require fat in addition to breast implants to address anatomic variations such as breast asymmetry, chest wall deformities and/or thin breast tissues.
  • Patients who have secondary deformities from implants such as rippling, implant show and capsular contracture.
  • Patients who have tubular breast deformities.
  • Patient who desire breast lifting, but prefer not to use implants.

Natural breast augmentation and refined buttock augmentation has become very popular in Asia. Because of the strong interest in LipoLoop™, Dr. Cohen was recently brought to Japan to demonstrate the technique at the Shonan Beauty Clinic in Tokyo.  Shonan is the largest of Japan’s Aesthetic chains with approximately 50 locations. Shonan purchased the device after hearing about it from Dr. Cohen and others at the American Society of Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles this past spring. Dr. Cohen along with Char Ramos, FACES+’s surgical technician and Michele Fischer RN, FACES+’s head nurse, performed a natural breast augmentation along with Dr. Daisuke Nakamura at Shonan’s flagship Tokyo center.

The following link is an operative video of the device.

Please be aware that these are videos of real surgical procedures.Viewer discretion is advised.

 Dr. Cohen introduces Lipo Loop

Before and After Photos Using Lipo-Loop™:

To schedule an appointment to learn more about LipoLoop™ please contact Jennifer at FACES+  (877) 336 5900

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