These Microtreatments Help Your Skin Age Smarter.

Microtreatments are quickly gaining popularity due to millennials taking advantage of preventative treatment options that preserve youthful skin. Here are four treatments that are perfect for preventing and maintaining healthy skin aging.

What are microtreatments?

A microtreatment is basically a “mini” treatment – that means little to no downtime and no surgery. It’s a minimally invasive option that’s generally great for younger to middle age groups that are looking to manage their aging before things need fixing.

Get ahead of wrinkles with Botox.

Baby botox treatments are great for preventing fine-lines from forming into deeper wrinkles. While a standard Botox treatment varies from 20-25 units, baby Botox is more around 8-10. This conservative treatment allows your face to retain some movement while targeting the areas that see the most wrinkling. The goal? Your face stays wrinkle-free for longer!

Renew the skin with a chemical peel.

A chemical peel is great for a mid-level resurfacing. We have different peels depending on the main issue you’d like to address from texture to toning and scarring. It’s the perfect treatment to do in the winter to give your skin renewal from sun damage. Just make sure to use SPF and shade your face from the sun using a hat or umbrella to preserve the fresh new skin.

Change your rate of aging with facial fat grafting.

Yes – you can actually slow down the aging process with facial fat grafting. By adding in a matrix of carefully harvested cells from your fat back into areas that normally see facial volume loss (think undereye and cheeks), you can rewind the clock on aging. You’re essentially giving your face a fresh new blood supply which means you generate collagen quicker and over a longer period of time. The process involves a mini-lipo from either thighs or stomach area and then the fat is injected like a filler back into the face. Results will get better and better over time, just like you!

Maintain a glowing complexion with micro-needling with PRP.

Another great microtreatment is the vampire facial or micro-needling with PRP (platelet rich plasma). The micro-needling pen creates tiny needle punctures in the face as it glides over your fully numbed face. It’s an all-in-one wrinkle diminishing, tone evening and texture fixing treatment. The PRP speeds healing post-treatment and in doing so, enhances results. This treatment is best done once a month for best results.

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