This is What Getting A Designer Facial is Like

The idea of a facial always made me a little uneasy. I’ve considered treating my skin but was met with hesitation when calling different spas. Each one was selling me on a popular treatment and they were less concerned about my unique skin type. Worried about ruining my face and wasting money with a treatment that would backfire, I declined each time. Until now.

Faces+ lead aesthetician Kelly is an expert skin examiner and has helped people get glowing skin at the practice for over 15 years. She explained how they do things differently:

“Many spas have a one-fits-all machine of the moment. The difference with our facials is that we have various machines and treatments for specific purposes that can target each problem area of your skin. We combo these treatments and create your own Designer Facial.”

Finally feeling confident that my face was in the right hands, I made an appointment with Kelly to get the full 90-minute Designer Facial experience.

1. The Consultation

When I stepped into the treatment room I noticed two things. The calming scent of lavender and the comfy looking spa bed that I got to lay on during treatment. We hadn’t even started and I already felt relaxed. As Kelly examined my face she pointed out different areas of pigmentation, redness, and texture that needed to be addressed.

Skin Diagnosis: Dry, Rosacea on the Cheeks, and Acne Prone

Since I’m in my 20’s my skin didn’t have any noticeable signs of breakouts I was recommended to get a treatment to mostly hydrate the skin and tighten pores.

My Designer Facial Cocktail:

  • Revision Orange Mask to brighten and exfoliate (hot towel to activate and soften pores)
  • Extractions to deep clean the pores ridding them of oil, dirt, & makeup
  • Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusión to rehydrate,  plump, and heal the skin
  • LED to calm, reduce redness, large pores & fine lines

2. The Treatment

I loved how Kelly talked me through the interesting sciency stuff to understand how each step was helping my skin in specific ways. The orange mask smelled amazing and immediately softened my skin to prep it for the extractions. I was nervous about the extraction part but Kelly was very gentle with my skin and (to my surprise) the process didn’t hurt at all. The highlight was the cooling feel of the oxygen mask which instantly plumped my skin leaving it with a dewy glow. Not to mention, the LED lights were awesome looking and it felt like I was getting a space-age treatment.

Watch my documented treatment process.
Kelly finished off my facial with these key products to protect and soothe the skin she had just treated.

Both of which my skin loved. She also helped recommend night products that my skin type would benefit from.

3. Post-Facial Results:

The facial left me very zen and my face looked plumped and moisturized. There were no visible marks from the extractions which I was nervous about. Happy so far, I eagerly awaited to see if my skin would look even better the next day.
In the morning I walked to the mirror to check out my post-facial skin. The results turned out better than I expected. Not only did my face feel ultra soft but natural redness around my cheeks decreased. Whatever magic Kelly did to my skin– it worked! Even if I didn’t immediately see a change, the relaxing face TLC made it worth it. It’s safe to say that now I’m a regular designer facial getting convert.
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