The Mommy Makeover Experience – Our Patient Tells All.

Our patient Jennifer received a common procedure involving a breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck known as a mommy makeover. We got the insight into her full mommy makeover experience.

How has motherhood changed the way you see the world?

I had my daughter back in 1996 so a while ago. It was a week before my 17th birthday and one would think that my body was very elastic at that time. It wasn’t. Even though it was hard at the time, motherhood has saved my life and it has changed me as a person.  She is a full-time college student studying environmental science and she wants to change to the world.

What makes you feel confident?

I feel confident when I’m physically fit and in a leadership role. The gym was foreign to me until I turned 26. Becoming stronger was my goal so I started working out and never doubted myself since. Physical strength also strengthens your mental. Confidence to me is feeling like you’re working toward something. I love setting goals and achieving them.

How did your body change after being pregnant and giving birth? 

I was young, and your body is very elastic at that age. As it turns out my abs separated. I had this little pooch under my abdomen. It made me look like I was 6 months pregnant. It made me obsessed with dieting and going to the gym. After kids, my breast deflated.  I wasn’t super flat but I was disproportionate. I have a giant booty and I wanted the boobs to offset it. And I wanted a flat stomach so I wouldn’t be insecure. I had already been through that hormonal change I had wider hips, and stretch marks. Those are the changes that I dealt with. You learn to deal with them and ignore them. For 10 years I pondered on it. 

How did you hear about FACES+?

My friend who has six kids in total. After that, her breasts were oversized and big and we were talking about surgeries. My husband is Mexican and fluent in both languages, a lot of his family got surgeries in Mexico. I started searching for doctors in town to compare. You really have to go off your gut instinct and go off of references. My friend said hands down, don’t consider going to Mexico – you’re going to see my Dr. Cohen he’s the best surgeon in town. So I did my research. There are so many articles, about him and he’s known over the world. I had heard the horror stories and I had seen the horror stores. I was just thinking I was going to have an augmentation but I didn’t even think about the pooch or lipo

When did you know for sure you wanted to get the procedure done?

I had done so much of my own research and I was already really confident about the doctor and the place I was going so when I got there and felt the way I did it was the missing piece. I paid my deposit before I even left that day. They got me in so fast. Usually, they said it’s a three-month wait but the surgery was weeks later.

What was a consultation with Dr. Cohen like?

I felt so comfortable when I went in there because he was focused on what I was saying and what I wanted. There was a lot of other nurses in there that had work done by him. That made me build confidence in the practice.  Besides just working there they trusted them with their surgeries and their cosmetic improvements too.

What was your biggest concern going into surgery and how did the doctor address that concern?

No idea what to expect with the recovery. The doctors in Mexico don’t do a follow-up. I have gone back to Dr. Cohen once a month for almost a year. I felt very taken care of. He himself takes pride and confidence in his work and makes sure that you’re happy with the results.

Every single nurse in the office makes me feel like family. They took the time to make sure I felt like I was safe and were very complimentary through the whole process. I’ll come to visit Dr. Cohen in the next year. Over time I’m sure I’d need it. My husband is the same way. We are fairly young because we take really good care of ourselves and we just want to be preemptive and stay on top it.

How did you stay positive during the recovery period?

My husband was a huge help because he was very doting. He drove me to every appointment and every day he helped. There wasn’t a whole lot of moving around and I laid low for quite a while. There was at least a week where I stayed home and didn’t leave my house. Best advice: don’t judge your surgery recovery for a while. I stayed on my regimen got back to my kid and ate right and watched my diet. My digestive system worked a lot more efficiency.

What advice would you give to moms who want the same procedure?

I definitely would encourage them to do it. I do know when you look and feel good it gives you a better outlook on life. More happiness and confidence improves everyone’s quality of life. You have to put effort into this. You have to put the work in and make sure you’re eating well and working out because you have to do your side of the bargain. When you’re ready you’ll know because you will put in the work. You deserve to look as good as you feel. The consistency and routine helps your mindset. For some women, those things don’t go away and a mommy makeover will address those concerns. You want to look the way that you feel inside.

Describe one way the Mommy Makeover has changed something in your life.

It motivated me to stay on the path of health and wellness. I’m in maintenance mode. I used to be obsessed with eating and being insecure. The mommy makeover motivated me and I feel confident. I’m not a superficial person and now I can go buy things off the rack and I don’t have to be insecure and the styles I like look good on me. Now I’m free to worry about other more important things.

How do you feel now that you see results?

The breast scars went away really well. My abdominal scar was was really red so I did Laser Genesis at FACES+ to pull the red out. Now it’s the color of my skin. Dr. Cohen is very on it and concerened about the scaring just as you would be.

Your husband has come in for surgery as well. How did you make him feel comfortable enough to come in for a consultation at FACES+.?

My husband is very supportive. He knows that I did all the research before going into surgery.  Once he saw how intensively the doctor took care of me he was sold.  A friend who went down to Mexico and got his eyes done but it wasn’t holding up and he is happy that he has a doctor here in town. I have referred Dr. Cohen’s to many people. A lot of people.

Will you be coming back for more treatments here in the future?

Yes. I am definitely going to stay in touch with Dr. Cohen every year I’ll come in check-in. He’s going to help me stay as youthful looking as I feel. I’m definitely interested in the facial rejuvenation.

I wish I would have met Dr. Cohen sooner.

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