Self-Care After Surgery: 8 Tips To Heal And Maintain Results.

A little self-care goes a long way after surgery. Here are top recommendations from our physicians on how to make a smooth transition from post-op to normal life.

Start Off Healthy

Our physician’s assistant Ashley recommends:

“Set yourself up for success by taking care of yourself beforehand! Get into an active routine, limit alcohol intake, take vitamins. All these things will help in your surgical recovery”

Try out the immunity-boosting Beauty Tonic by Wholy Dose to strengthen your immune system prior to surgery.

A Positive Mindset

The kindest thing you can do to care for yourself is staying positive. Studies show that a positive attitude actually aids in the healing process. Manage your expectations beforehand and be prepared for changes to come.

Keep stress levels down and stay grounded by using the Calm app on days you feel the most anxious.

Clean Beforehand

Our nurse Ashley recommends doing all your house cleaning prior to surgery:

“Make sure everything around the house is taken care of so that during your recovery period you can physically and mentally relax. Also make sure to prepared with all the items you need within reach.”

Have A Recovery Buddy

Make arrangements for care after your surgery. For the first few days, you will need someone on call to help out with the basics.

Our patient recounts her experience post-Brazilian Butt Lift:

“Directly after surgery, the most important thing in my recovery was staying on top of the pain by taking my pain medications as directed. Also, having my mom there was crucial, I needed help out of bed and walking to the bathroom.”

Say NO to Salt

A healthy diet takes you a long way in recovery. Practice self-care through a cleaner diet and stay away from salty foods that cause your swelling and inflammation levels to increase.

Our nurse Michele says:

“Hydration with water, vitamin C, and arnica tablets are key in the recovery process”

Check out Parakeet Cafe. It’s Dr. Cohen’s favorite local spot for a healthy lunch in San Diego.

Nourish Your Skin

In any kind of surgery, your skin goes through a lot. It’s important to follow-up with medical-grade skincare products that are formulated to be non-irritating. Every surgical patient of ours receives a post-surgical skincare kit from Alastin. These products clear out the cellular matrix to make way for new collagen growth in the skin.

You can shop Alastin skincare products on

Move (but move gently):

Dr. Cohen says:

“It’s imperative to get back to your normal routine of things when you can. Take brisk walks, stretch and rest when you need to.”

Listen to Your Doctor

This usually goes without saying but above all else, listen to the doctor’s orders. If you’re feeling anything abnormal always defer to the doctor for what to do next.

With these self-care tools, you’re on your way to a speedy recovery!

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