Skin-Nourishing Injectables Are On the Rise.

Gone are the days of overfilling and using any old injectable to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Today’s injectables have a loftier goal in mind – to inject better skin health. That’s just what these state of the art filler injections do.

Here are our favorites from completely natural to minimally manufactured.

Facial Fat Injectables – ITR2

Collagen regeneration, skin health, volume-boosting – the list goes on. Using fat cells is the most potent injectable you can choose for facial rejuvenation. This unique injectable (exclusive to Dr. Cohen’s patients) extracts parts of your own fat that hold the most viable, cell-rich properties. Injecting the liquid gold in specific anatomic areas of the face produces the ultimate regrowth of new skin.

A small liposuction procedure takes place to extract the fat needed for injection. Many patients do this comfortably awake with only local anesthetic or fully under anesthesia.

RHA Fillers

New on the filler scene, the biotechnology company Revance is introducing the single most minimally processed injectable on the market. Anything that’s less chemically processed is better. Made of hyaluronic acid, RHA was designed to mimic your skin’s natural properties. That means it fills the places it needs to and won’t migrate elsewhere.

RHA filler is not available everywhere but Faces+ is one of the first practices to carry this designer filler.

PRP Injections

Here is another injectable that comes straight from the source of you. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections create a new blood supply in areas of injection. Why? Because it comes from your blood.

With a quick blood draw, our physician’s assistant spins your blood down in a centrifuge machine. This separates the PRP growth factors that rise to the top in a yellow tinge. Injections are made in areas that need a collagen boost.

Innovations Motivated by Overall Health

As society switches to a more wellness-centered lifestyle the aesthetic industry is following suit. Plastic surgeons like ours look for the least invasive cosmetic solutions so that our patients can age better.

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