Summer Skincare + Skin Treatment Do’s and Don’ts.

Summer skincare can be tricky to master. Shifting your skincare routine is a must to maintain a healthy glow until fall. Here are the do’s and don’t list for treatments and products we recommend in this season.

Do wear sunscreen:

We know you’re sick of hearing this but it’s important! Summer is when the skin is most at risk for sun damage. Most of our older patients wish they took sunscreen more seriously when they were younger so (we’re begging you) lather up now and you won’t have to do damage control later.

Do get a facial:

All that ocean salt and chlorine do good for exfoliating the skin but it also makes it incredibly dry. Getting a facial in the summer months can rehydrate, balance and tone any redness or dryness that comes with excessive sun and water exposure.

Do get micro-needling:

Micro-needling is a great option for resurfacing during the summer. Downtime is minimal and it provides a deeper exfoliation with less downtime. You will still need to avoid the sun for a few days after treatment but this one is generally ‘sun safe’.

Do get injectables:

Injectables are perfectly safe to get during all seasons. Just be sure to stay away from the rose 24 hours before and after your filler appointment. Avoiding alcohol reduces swelling and bruising post-injection.

Don’t overdo the retinol:

Retinol’s are a great addition to a skincare routine, but it’s best to take it easy on using them in the summer. This is because retinol causes skin sensitivity and you can sunburn easily when frequently using this cell-turnover causing product. If you must continue retinol use during these months, we suggest going down to a .2% which is a milder version as well as using sunscreen or other protective barriers to limit sun damage.

Don’t do fractionated laser treatments:

Lasers are great for the fall and winter but should be avoided during the summer. A laser treatment like Fraxel has about a week of healing that your skin needs go through before exposure to sunshine and other elements. Getting sun and sweat into the delicate just lasered areas could result in worse skin damage and even infection.

Don’t get a chemical peel:

Much like lasers, chemical peels require time out of the sun to avoid re-pigmentation. This treatment leaves your skin extremely sun sensitive so we recommend doing this one in a different season.

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