Our Patient’s Surgery Experience

 FACES+ is putting the spotlight on our clientele who quickly become like family. I give the patient a questionnaire and they respond with their most honest answers of their journey through surgery.
Find out what it’s like for a first-timer in the consultation room and how the experience of a rhinoplasty surgery and Injectable Facial Rejuvenation changed her life forever.

A Bit About Mya Smith:

Where do you call home? 

Houston, Texas

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Attend Church and Dine at nice restaurants

Describe your style. 

I’m usually referred to as a “Glamour Girl” ☺️

Who is your favorite artist? (this can be music, art or actor) etc. 

Gabrielle Union – I look at her as an OVERCOMER and a Black Woman of many 1st for us as women of color.

What are the top 3 most important beauty items you’d take on a desert island? 

Murad Soothing Skin and Lip Care, Alastin Skin Nectar and MAC Eyebrow Pencil Spiked

Mya’s Surgical Experience:

When did you know for sure you wanted to get the procedure done?

After I spoke with Dr. Cohen personally on the phone; about a month after my consultation visit at his office. He made me feel so at ease and great peace, with what I desired to achieve with the procedure.

How did you hear about FACES+? 

Online and in the Magazines as TOP DOCTOR.

 From booking the consultation to your last post-procedure follow-up describe your experience at FACES+. 

AMAZING!!! Dr. Cohen and his Team are not just Hospitable, Nice and Thoughtful. They are so DELIGHTFUL!!! Such a yummy and heartwarming feeling. I would refer anyone and everyone to Dr. Cohen ☺️

What was your biggest concern going into surgery and how did the doctor address that concern? 

That my face would look fat, with the fat transfer to remove/reduce my nasolabial lines. He ensured me that I had nothing to worry about, because he had a clear understanding of what I wanted and how to achieve my desired results, and to relax and know that he will take good care of my face ☺️

How was the recovery process? Any surprises?

Everything went as Dr. Cohen told me. I had an excellent and fast recovery. Not much swelling or bruising AT ALL!!

Describe the level of care and education Dr.Cohen provided you about the procedure. 

Everything humanly possible that he could explain, considering that he’s the ARTIST, and some things just can’t be put into words; but Dr. Cohen knows what you want and the intended end result.

Describe how you felt both physically and mentally after the procedure healed and your results started to show.


What advice would you give to patients who want the same procedure? 

Follow ALL instructions before AND after the procedure for☺️ the BEST results.

Describe one way this procedure/experience has changed something in your life.

People ask if I’ve lost weight in my face and I look more youthful!!! ☺️
Mya, thank you for being open about your experience. Special thanks to Alastin Skincare for providing their Nectar serum to our client to aid recovery.
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