The FACES+ Continuum of Care

A NATURAL approach to ANTI-aging, The FACES+ Continuum of Care.

Over the years our patients’ experiences with a variety of treatments and procedures have helped us learn that treatment of facial aging begins with prevention. In order to understand how minimally invasive, no downtime procedures and treatments can be used to slow the physical signs of aging, one must first be educated about the aging process itself. As important as genetics is in determining the blueprint for aging, environmental exposure with sun damage and gradual loss of soft tissue and bony volume over the years coupled with repetitive facial motion causes our face to age.

Dr. Cohen and his team at FACES+ have spent over a decade developing and perfecting the CONTINUUM OF CARE, a comprehensive and personalized approach to anti-aging that spans Prevention and Non-Surgical Options to advanced surgical procedures. For most women and men the facial aging process begins in the mid to late 20’s. Early on, pigment changes occur with the red coloration of the deeper capillaries showing through the thinner skin. Faint dark spots begin to accumulate as a defense in response to sun. The combination of volume loss and sun damage cause skin laxity, the third component of facial aging.

Treatments like Botox beginning in these earlier years prevent the development of early smile lines and frown lines by weakening the muscles that contract the skin and cause it to wear out the underlying dermis at the crease. Certain lasers and skin tightening devices might be helpful as the first signs of sun damage and skin laxity occur. Excellent nutrition is critical to skin health and health in general.

The FACES+ Continuum of Care has been developed by careful attention to our patients’ experiences and successes. We pride ourselves on providing one of the most comprehensive programs in the country with the highest quality devices and treatments. Understanding the how aging can be prevented by early treatments and how aging, once established can be addressed in a logical fashion that leads to natural outcomes.

Procedure Highlight – The FACES+ MINI Facelift

As the aging process becomes more advanced, simple surgical procedures such as a mini-facelift under local anesthesia can be carried out with very little downtime. Most patients look back to normal within 5 days when sutures are removed. Read More

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