The Harmonie Breast Augmentation

Developed by Drs. Cohen and Saad, this procedure largely eliminates animation deformities associated with most breast implant procedures. In addition, the procedure is associated with much faster recovery times, less, if any postoperative pain and very natural results.

Testimonial video


  • Subfascial rather than submuscular position of implant eliminates animation deformities
  • Shaped implant blends into the chest naturally
  • Rapid, virtually pain free recovery for most patients

How it works

A. normal position of breast above the muscle and it’s covering, called the fascia. B. Close up profile of normal breast above the pectoral muscles. C. the implant is shown below the breast gland and below both the muscle and the fascia. D. the implant is placed just below the fascia. In this way, ligaments that run from the fascia to the surface of the breast are not disrupted. If the muscle is left undisturbed, recovery is quicker and there are no animation deformities. The shape of the implant blends nicely into the patient’s chest.

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