The Mini Facelift

The Mini Facelift Procedure

As the aging process becomes more advanced, simple surgical procedures such as a mini-facelift under local anesthesia can be carried out with very little downtime. Most patients look back to normal within 5 days when sutures are removed. Some patients choose to combine mini-facelift with fat injections. Fat injections can be done using a new technology that has improved their survival. Some patients might be candidates for cell enriched fat grafts, especially in severe sun damaged skin or in patients with acne scarring.

In addition, eyelid surgery is often performed with a mini-facelift and it is very safe to treat the sun damage with a fractional laser such as “the Dual”, by Solta. This laser is great at evening out pigment and reducing fine lines.

Ongoing maintenance through FACES+ medical aestheticians and laser nurse specialists protects your investment, but if our program doesn’t make sense for you, we are confident you will come away with a more better understanding of the process of facial aging and the many ways it can be treated.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine are magical for many patients but the key is education so patients themselves can pick the treatments and procedures that they feel make the most sense in terms of outcome, longevity, special circumstances and financial investment.

The Mini Facelift for Men

If you or your spouse or partner is a man with some of the stigmata of aging, learning more about natural mini-facelifts performed at FACES+ under local anesthesia may help you understand when this procedure might be most beneficial. Many men prefer anti-aging treatments and procedures to be natural and barely noticeable. Often eyelid surgery is carried out and sometimes, liposuction of the neck and neck tightening is also performed. In men with recessed chins, the aging process is accelerated since the condition means less support for the overlying skin. Chin implants and chin advancement can also be performed at the time of a mini-facelift with excellent outcomes.

Cosmetic surgery in men is gaining popularity and the results are not only natural, but quite handsome.

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