This is What A Non-Surgical Nose Job Looks Like.

A 10-minute session of a conservative amount of filler injections can completely transform the shape of your nose. We’re talking about the social media sensation that is the non-surgical nose job. This is what it looks like done by master nose sculptor, and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cohen who’s been doing these injections for over 15 years.

Non-Surgical Nose Job For Three Please:

Our front office manager Nancy, patient coordinator Sierra and I (social media manager) expressed some discontent about the current state of our noses. We each had three distinctly different complaints:

  1. Nancy: Scar Tissue from a previous rhinoplasty
  2. Sierra: Strong dorsal hump
  3. Me: Droopy tip and a slight hump

We were surprised to find that the filler technique would help all three of our concerns. That’s when Dr. Cohen generously agreed to give us all rhinoplasties in the form of a temporary filler.

The Experience:

Dr. Cohen chose the filler Restylane to use for the injections. It’s great for the nose area for it’s long-lasting and stable properties. It’s also a hyaluronic acid based filler which is a low risk, naturally occurring substance in our bodies. It’s reversable and filler is infused with a pain-numbing agent called lidocaine.

Sierra’s Non-Surgical Nose Job:

To prepare for the pricks of the needle, we put numbing cream down the center and at the tip of our nose. Sierra was up first ready to take a seat in our clinic room. To give you perspective, I asked her on a scale of 1-10 how tolerant she is of pain. Sierra rated herself a 7.

“The treatment felt like pinpricks and then I could feel the filler being injected. Because the filler had a numbing agent mixed into it, eventually my nose became numb and I didn’t feel much of anything.”

Her injections resulted in a dramatic difference in shape. Dr. Cohen built her bridge up to create a smooth transition and injected her tip for a lifted effect.

Her Thoughts on The Treatment:

“I love my outcome! My bump is gone and my tip is raised. I couldn’t be happier!”

Nancy’s Non-Surgical Nose Job:


Then it was Nancy’s turn to get injected. Dr. Cohen worked through her scar tissue to smooth out areas that settled in bumps. Nancy rated her threshold for pain as a 10 stating that during the injection she felt “0 pain, only pressure”.

“For me personally after undergoing a rhinoplasty and 2x nasal rasping treatments, I honestly had no reservations. Especially knowing you are numb, and that the Restylane has lidocaine. Not to mention being in the best hands with Dr. Cohen.”

Her Thoughts on the Treatment:
“I LOVE the outcome, the divot on my nose was very obvious in pictures and I felt the tip of my nose was falling. Injecting the column and giving me a slight lift is life changing. 100% would do again”
My Non- Surgical Nose Job:

Then it was my turn to get injected. After seeing both injections before me, my nerves subsided. I would describe my threshold for pain as a 9. Dr. Cohen started with the tip of my nose which is arguably the most uncomfortable spot of injection. After a few initial pricks, the needle penetrated my nose cartilage. There was a slight stinging as this was happening and I could feel the needle above my gum area. Needless to say, I was happy for the numbing that came with Restylane.

Once the numbing kicked in the rest was a breeze, he injected the column of my nose to create the straighter look and I just felt pressure in the area. After about 6 minutes, the treatment was over and I got to look in the mirror at my newly shaped nose.

My Thoughts on the Treatment:

The outcome is awesome. My nose bridge is smooth and somehow he managed to lift my nose tip and make it look pointier. I highly recommend this treatment to patients who want to refine their nose shape without completely changing it. It’s also a great option for those that want to see what they’d potentially look like with a rhinoplasty.

Things to Know:

After treatment, Sierra experienced slight bruising while Nancy and I experienced swelling. Everyone is different in their healing but there is no downtime for this treatment. You’re able to resume activities as normal right after injection. Dr. Cohen informed us that Restylane usually lasts up to a year in the nose. Because we don’t move our noses often, the longevity of the filler extends. At our office, a non-surgical nose job costs anywhere from $1,500 dollars and up depending on how much filler needed to make full corrections.

To schedule a consultation for this treatment with Dr. Cohen call 858-453-7224.

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