6 Rejuvenating Changes Fillers Do For Your Face.

Think of facial fillers as a secret weapon. They are a versatile product that can be both subtle and statement-making. The best part? There are so many kinds to choose from that will fit a variety of patient needs. We’re going to dive into the world of tweaks, fixes, and enhancements and I’ll explain what a variety of fillers can do for different parts of the face:

1. Refine Your Nose

Yes, facial fillers can change the shape of your nose in one conveniently quick procedure. A few injections at the tip, bridge, and forehead can smooth ridges and bumps made from genetics, trauma or scar tissue.

This non-surgical nose job will take 15-20 minutes depending on the severity of correction. A standard filler used for this might be Restylane which can last up to six months and cost you from $500-700 dollars. If you want to go for a more permanent (and pricier) solution, using your own fat tissue for injections (ITR) will actually work to repair and rebuild the tissue making the fill last for years. A little numbing injection is administered before-hand so pain is little to none!

2. Define Your Contours

You know that strong jawline that magically ALL celebs seems to have? Well, secrets out – that’s filler along the jawline. Another feature that makes the beautiful people stand out is their ever-plump cheekbones that give a youthful lift to the face. Strategically placed, fillers in this area can change your face shape without looking overdone. No makeup necessary. Fillers like Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra and Fat Injections area all great for these areas.

3. Eliminate Your Deep Wrinkles

Injections like Botox and Dysport stop your face from forming wrinkles by limiting facial movement. Fillers can do wonders for patients with already established wrinkles in the brow, smile lines, and jowls by doing just what their name says: filling! Your injector will fill in each deep-set wrinkle making it blend seamlessly.

4. Plump Your Pout

This is the most obvious, given the recent lip plumping craze – thanks, Kylie! Juvederm and Restylane are especially great for this because of their flexibility and longevity. From subtle to dramatic, lip filler gives off a youthful look and helps balance out the face. Fillers in this area can also help make the lips more symmetrical and smooth out any inconsistencies or uneven lines the lips.

5. Make Dark Circles Disappear

Trending in popularity, fillers underneath the eyes can be just the thing to make you look like you got all 8 hours of sleep. Fillers that are great for this area include Boletero and Facial Fat (ITR). Undereye filler helps those with heavy bags give the eye added volume giving the patient a well-rested and awake look. This is a tricky injection area because it’s prone to bruising and surrounded by veins so make sure you going to a skilled injector when coming to treat this delicate area.

6. Reverse Your Aging Curve

This one special and amazing benefit is ONLY applicable to one filler: Dr.Cohen’s Injectable Tissue Replacement. It’s different from other fillers because this one comes from your own fat tissue. Fat gets extracted through a mini-liposuction and cleaned and filtered through specialized tools.

Once this liquid gold gets filled in pockets of the face, your blood supply goes into overdrive. This means new collagen and elastin produces at a faster rate over time AKA aging in reverse. We know.. it’s music to our ears too.

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