I <3 SD! I truly believe that we live in the best city in the US, why?! Sunshine almost 365 days of the year, beautiful beaches, the list could go on and on. I’m also raising two active little boys at the beach, and enjoy all my workouts outside. Being in the skincare industry you can only begin to imagine the amount of sunscreen I use, especially during the summer months. But even with loads of sunscreen we still reap the repercussions of the sun, and all the damage it creates. My biggest struggle with my skin are Sun Spots, I’m light eyed with fair skin so I don’t have a lot on my side when it comes to skin pigmentation issues. Hydroquinone has been my best friend off and on for the last 10yrs. it seems to be the only ingredient out there that actually works, UNTIL…………… LYTERA by SkinMedica popped into my office here at FACES+. I was skeptical to try it only because with past experience any non HQ product left me with no results and my pigment exactly the same several weeks before use of the product. But SkinMedica has a breakthrough product that I believe will change the industry of treating patients with pigment similar to what I struggle with. The product has not only lightened my pigment significantly in the past 4 weeks but it has brightened my skin so much that my skin is selling Lytera to my clients the second they walk in the door. Clients are asking “what did you do, give me some of whatever it is your using” SkinMedica thank you for this incredible breakthrough I look forward to prescribing LYTERA to many more clients in the future!!
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featured blooger: Kelly Horton- licensed aesthetician

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